Acer XG270HU Settings

The Acer XG270HU is widely used for its exciting features and attractive price. Customize ACER XG270HU settings now and enjoy breathtaking picture quality.

About Acer XG270HU

The Acer XG270HU was introduced a few years back in 2015. It is considered old among many advanced monitors. But its folk’s choice due to reasonable price and good features. It is a high-resolution 27-inch gaming monitor. NVIDIA certified it with an official G-sync function. The Acer XG279HU is the cheapest gaming monitor with compatible graphics cards of AMD and NVIDIA.

The monitor is equipped with the best picture resolution display of 1080p, TN panel, three input ports, and many other amazing specialties, but still, it is cheap to get. Its input lag performance is top-notch, with only 5ms quick response time.

This article will elaborate on some custom settings for Acer XG270HU. As we get our Acer monitor, it is pre-calibrated, but the settings might not attract you like the best settings for your gaming Acer monitor. For a novice, this post will be helpful to get the best Acer monitor settings for gaming.

Acer XG270HU -The Features

The Screen

The looks are breathtaking if we compare them with the price. We get to know some unique specialties and features as we unbox our Acer monitor. A 27-inch screen with a picture resolution of 2500 × 1440p or WQHD.

  • There is also a TN panel with the monitor to provide a fair viewing angle.
  • Gives a fast response.
  • It is specialized with brightness up to 350nits.
  • Its screen with panorama view has anaspect ratio of 16:9.

Technical Specialities

As Acer XG270HU is a gaming monitor. Thus, it provides a variety of technical Specialities, including:

  • A quick response time of 1ms and 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio.
  • It has AMD free sync feature.
  • The Acer monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate.
  • The monitor has a stand that can tilt according to comfort within 5°to 15° but without VESA mount support.
  • The monitor has fitted speakers. However, the quality is not praised because they consume2 watts each.
  • There are three input ports at the back of the monitor. Users can use the HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort for sounder connectivity and multi-purposes.
  • A new OSD is introduced in new Acer XG270HU monitors, which offers customizable gamma settings, black enhancement, and crosshairs.


Some negative factors of Acer XG270Hu are:

  • Tilt only stand
  • Narrow viewing angels
  • Calibration needed for better image quality
  • Not VESA mount supported

Acer XG270HU Calibration

There are some pre-calibrated settings on Acer XG270HU on unboxing. The forehand settings are not admirable because many users do not like the monitor’s quality. Here you will get some easy-to-follow steps for modifying the Acer XG270HU settings.

Stay alert while modifying your monitor’s settings. The Super Sharpness setting should remain untouched because it adds additional sharpness to the display picture. The additional sharpness results in distortion around screen corners and heats the CPU. To avoid trouble, you must not enable this option.

Acer eColor Management- A Glance

Upon unboxing, the Acer monitors come pre-calibrated. The calibrated picture settings are ‘Acer eColor management’ modes.

You can change your monitor’s display to get a fascinating viewing experience in this mode. Acer engineers develop the modes, and monitor owners can use them based on the content we like to watch frequently on your Acer monitor. The five Acer eColor management modes are

  1. User mode
  2. Standard mode
  3. Eco-mode
  4. Graphicmode
  5. Movie mode

By typing the ‘e’ key, all the ‘Acer eColor Management’ modes will come out. You can select the desired one to continue watching. Let’s look at how to change the pre-calibrated settings of these modes.

  • In user mode, we can customize the Acer XG270HU picture settings. The customized settings will be saved automatically in User mode.
  • The Standard mode has preset display settings on this Acer XG270HU. If the custom settings do not appeal to you, turning on the standard model is easy. Users mostly use the standard due to its original display capability.
  • Eco mode reduces power consumption because the Acer XG270HU monitor generally does not need much power to operate. By using this mode, the overall power consumption of the monitor will lessen.
  • Graphic mode is suitable for exploring the world on social media sites and slideshows. The pictures and videos displayed are vibrant and sharp in graphic mode. Gamers use this mode to get better graphics and display.
  • We watch movies with better brightness and sharp display picture in movie mode. In a lit surrounding, this mode is suitable to use.

Best Optimal Settings

Setting #1

For a simple and sober display, this setting will be helpful without changing the default settings intensely.

Super SharpnessOn
Color TempNormal
Black Level2

While doing these settings, you must keep the ‘Super Sharpness’ on. However, the setting is suitable for powerful PC only.

Settings #2

Try these best settings for Acer gaming monitor to enjoy the amazing visual effects. This setting will help you increase visuals after tweaking the RGB sliders, Hue controls, and Six-Axis Saturate. This setting will help to better the display for game lovers.

Picture ModeUser
Color Temp UserRed 100, Green 97, Blue 98
Super SharpnessOff
Cyan Saturation52
Cyan Hue50
Blue Saturation50
Blue Hue50
Magenta Saturation50
Magenta Hue50
Yellow Saturation50
Yellow Hue47
Green Saturation50
Green Hue50
Red Saturation53
Red Hue50

The customization of picture settings on Acer monitors is easy by following a guide. You don’t have to worry if you do not like the setting. Using a website named Logom will resolve your problem. The website tools lead us to calibrate the monitor screen according to our desire.

It is a fact that the display panel of the same model monitor has many differences. The picture quality and other factors vary from one screen to other. As we unbox our Acer XG270HU, we get some calibration already. The settings are easy to change if one does not like them. The methods mentioned above are convenient to use by the new users of Acer monitor if they want to change the monitor settings according to desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-Is my Acer XG270HU an IPS?

The IPS(In-Plane Switching) panel gives broader viewing angles and gray-scale performance. The monitor has a movable stand, USB port, and multiple HDMI inputs.

2-Is G-sync compatible with Acer XG270HU?

Acer XG270HU is built with adaptive and compatible G-sync.

3-Why is Acer XG270HU better for gaming?

The monitor is good for gaming because it displays a higher contrast ratio of 4000:1 with ideal Gamma settings.

4-Is Acer XG270HU suitable with VESA mount?

Acer monitors, including XG270HU, G277HU, G247HYU, R240HY, are compatible with VESA mount. A screwdriver with fitted screws comes with your VESA mount.

Final Remarks

The efficient Acer XG270HU is a 27-inch smart monitor with a good gaming screen. The adaptive free syncing provides a smooth display to gamers with a 1ms response time. The article helps you to fix the settings of your gaming monitor efficiently. The guide provides elaborate details so you can make the best Acer XG270HU settings.

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