Best 49 Inch Monitor For Macbook Pro

According to professionals and critics, it is always considered a brilliant idea to invest in big-size ultrawide monitors to make different setups. Buying a single big size curved ultrawide monitor is far better than having multiple monitor setups in your room. In this case, you will be disturbed by the bezels of single monitors.

The big-screen monitors are mainly used by graphic designers, video editors, content creators, coders, and different working purposes.

However, even the high-end gamers also require biz size screen setups for making their games the proper battlefield. Moreover, these monitors provide an immersive experience of working and gaming.

But there is a problem when you want to set up with MacBook pro; it is pretty challenging to choose the correct monitor. In this case, you need monitors with all the abilities to fulfill the requirements of MacBook Pro laptops. For example, the MacBook Pro laptop requires high performance and a good battery monitor.

Don’t take tension about it anymore because we are here to help you in this regard. We have provided you the list of the best five 49 inch monitors for MacBook pro so that you can read the whole article and make a decision on which one you want. So, without wasting more time, let’s go towards it!

Top 5 Best 49 inch Monitor for Macbook Pro Comparison Table:

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1)-SAMSUNG 49 Inch Odyssey G9:

This monitor is the only 49-inch monitor which is widely used all around the world. It also falls in the category of most-selling 49-inch monitor in the market. However, Samsung 49 inch monitor for MacBook pro is expensive enough, and according to our experience, it doesn’t value good for the money they are asking to pay.

This monitor is highly compatible with the Macbook Pro laptop because of its top-notch features. One can easily do many things with the help of this monitor.

You can make a great gaming setup with this giant beast. Whether it is pricy but the picture quality and brightness this monitor offers, you can’t get from any other brand.

Quick features:

  • Dual QHD display: This single monitor provides you the experience of using two QHD screens simultaneously side by side. You can get an immersive experience of gaming with it.
  • Less response time: The 1ms response time gives the head unit the information as fast as possible. This feature helps in providing clear and clean images with a smooth flow.
  • 1000R curve: This feature is the leading cause of making this monitor unique from others. The vast and curved screen helps appropriately focus on your work on it.


  • Very bright screen
  • Great for gaming
  • Good pic quality


  • Less value for money

2)-LG 49WL95C-W ultrawide Dual QHD Monitor:

According to our experience with this monitor, this one is very suitable for combining with an M1 Macbook pro laptop. You can consider that this model from the LG brand is the best 49-inch ultrawide monitor for MacBook pro in different terms, such as its screen quality is superb. Making a setup with a monitor will boost up your productivity.

This monitor is considered as it is made only for Macbook pro because of its features related to the demands of the MacBook pro. This powerhouse is great for different purposes, such as content creation despite gaming. However, our gaming experience was not very good, so don’t choose this if you want a gaming setup.

Quick Features:

  • Dual controller: The monitor has this feature that helps you operate different devices simultaneously combined with this monitor. Isn’t it straightforward to handle?
  • Ambient light sensor: This feature helps many people because it automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the environment in which you will place it.
  • Ergonomic design: The monitor has several adjustment options making it an excellent choice. You can tilt, adjust the height, and swivel.


  • Productivity powerhouse
  • High screen quality
  • Value good for the money


  • Not for gaming

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If you are the one who wants a gaming setup with the help of a MacBook Pro, then this monitor is worth considering, according to our experience. Its features are specially designed for gamers and compatible with MacBook pro very quickly. This best super ultrawide monitor for MacBook pro with high-quality performance.

Don’t worry; you can use this monitor for many other purposes because of its good features such as a big screen. But there is a problem we have faced during testing; you can’t look at this monitor straight which means using it for hours is not very comfortable. Although, its size is significant since it is lightweight and thinner like a TV.

Quick features:

  • Smooth gameplay: The monitor comes up with HDR support which lessens the input latency and gives low frame rate compensation. The result is you will get a smooth operation in gaming.
  • Sharp HD display: This monitor can provide you with the required display you want. You will easily see images with true and sharp colors on this monitor.
  • Multiple ports: Several types of ports in the monitor help the user to enable them to connect every device with the monitor easily. It comes up with HDMI and VGA.


  • Brightest screen
  • Good for gaming
  • Crispy images


  • Poor ergonomics

4)-SAMSUNG CJ890 – Best 49 inch monitor for Macbook Pro:

Best 49 inch monitor for MacBook pro

Whether a graphic designer or photo editor, this monitor will work out as the best 49″ curved monitor for the MacBook pro you will ever get on the market. It is considered an ideal replacement for multi-monitor setups. However, this monitor will not work for gaming, as you will see on the product’s description because we have tested them.

The features of this monitor suit the users very well related to content creation, financial trading, and other working purposes. For example, its high refresh rate prevents ghosting, juddering, and blurring very effectively compared to other brands. In addition, its eye-popping bright display will help you in doing your work more efficiently.

Quick features:

  • KVM Switch: This is the best feature of this monitor. It comes up with the ability of KVM switch including keyboard, mouse and video monitor. So you can control several devices with it.
  • VESA compatible: With this feature’s help, you can comfort yourself. You can easily install it on the wall and adjust it according to your demands.
  • Eye saver mode: If you want to save your eyes during the endless hours of working on the monitor, you can get quickly ON the eye saver mode, which helps in adjusting.


  • Highly bright
  • Eye protection
  • KVM switch


  • Not for gaming

5)-Dell UltraSharp U4919DW :

This Dell 49-inch monitor for MacBook pro comes up with high-quality performance and great features packed in one beast box. This monitor is considered a masterpiece in front was running performance by the Dell Company. So if you want to boost your productivity in excel and spreadsheet, you should go for this one.

It is highly compatible with M1 MacBook pro models because of its top-notch qualities. This monitor provides good to almost everyone, including content creators, video editors, etc. You can use this one for making your home a cinema because of its high screen quality. Its optimal eye care mode is excellent, according to our testing.

Quick features:

  • USB-C port: This monitor helps prevent the cable clutter by giving the USB-C type port, which can be used for different purposes such as transferring data etc.
  • Unparalleled views: Its high aspect ratio of 32:9 can provide you with an authentic and immersive viewing experience. It also gives eye comfort.
  • Easy on the eyes: It comes up with a certified screen to prevent eye fatigue by flickering a free screen. So you can work for hours without any eye fatigue.


  • Amazing screen quality
  • Efficient multitasking
  • Native resolution


  • Not for gaming

Frequently Asked Questions:

The answer to this question is related to your preferences and requirements, first of all, which type of work you want to do with this setup.

For example, if you want a big Photoshop setup, you have to go for the monitor with a high-resolution screen. On the other hand, if you want to play games on a big screen, choose the monitor with great gaming features.

No, it is not crucial to buy only curved monitors. It is mainly recommended when you want a big-sized monitor such as a 34 or 49 inches monitor.

These screens are significant, and a big screen makes straight viewing difficult. That’s why it is preferred to buy curved screens in that case for better viewing without eye fatigue.

The USB-C type ports are the old technology ports primarily used in computers and old model laptops. Apple Company comes up with the latest technology in their Macbook laptops known as Thunderbolt.

Now Thunderbolt 3.0 is the latest version of that technology. This is considered as the new standard of technology replacing USB-C-type ports.

Yes, you can charge a Macbook laptop with 60 watts power delivery monitor, but according to the recommendations of Apple’s Company, it should be avoided.

Instead, you should use 30 watts power delivery for charging Macbook to prevent any bad happening. The reason is that if you use high power for charging than its capacity, then maybe it will destroy the battery.

Apple’s laptops come up with the latest technologies, and Thunderbolt is one of those technologies. So even though it replaces USB-C-type ports, they are still used somehow. That’s why the MacBook Pro laptops come with both ports USB-C type and thunderbolt ports.

You can connect many devices with this laptop because of the availability of both types of ports. The USB-C type port is the latest and fastest version of USB 2.0. So don’t worry about that which ports it has or not.

Final Words:

So, the time to wrap the article in final words has come. Our team tests all the products we have provided you above to make a helpful review article for you people. Almost all of the five monitors have advantages and disadvantages in their way. That’s why it is challenging to choose the best one among them.

According to us, the best 49″ curved monitor for MacBook Pro is the LG 49WL95C-W monitor. We have tested this monitor, and this monitor provides most of the great features which the MacBook pro demands for proper performance. In the end, it’s up to you that which one you want. Best of luck!

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