Best Computer Monitor For Eye Strain

Everyone knows that the eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, so taking care of them is very important than any other thing. Many people have to work on computers, laptops, screens for a long period of a day. Those people mostly experience the problem of eye strain or fatigue.

Eye strain problem usually arises when your eyes feel tired after staring at your computer screen for an extended time. You will also suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pain, blurry vision, and dry eyes in the eye strain problem. That’s why you need a monitor which should have eye care features.

Now a day, eye-friendly monitors are available in the market at an affordable price. These monitors come up with the features like low blue light and flicker-free so that you can do your work without any fatigue. So, we are here to aid you in picking up the best eye care monitor for you. Let’s get started!

Our top picks for you:

  • SAMSUNG S70A monitor (top pick)
  • ViewSonic VX2457-MHD monitor (affordable option)
  • ASUS VP28UGQ monitor (best low blue light)

In a hurry? Consider our quick pick!

Among all the options, the SAMSUNG S70A series monitor is the best option to use. It has all the features that you need to prevent eye strain. 

It has an ultra-widescreen with a curved shape design, which is considered the best screen for eye strain. This monitor proved to be best for gaming, productivity, and creative professionals. You can do your work all day without feeling any strain or fatigue in your eyes.

Top 6 best computer monitors for eye strain Comparison Table:

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1)-ViewSonic VX2457-MHD eye care monitor:

Best Monitor with Eye Tech

This model from ViewSonic is considered the Best Monitor with Eye Tech as manufacturers took this technology on the priority during the making of this monitor. This monitor has the panel type of TN, making it a flat LCD monitor. This monitor lies in the category of compact size monitors.

Moreover, this monitor has a high refresh rate which proves to be great for gamers. It also comes up with Free Sync technology to help you play every type of game quickly. The high response time is also making it a good option for gamers. In case you are a gamer and need an eye care monitor, it’s for you.

Quick features:

  • Comfortable gaming: This monitor comes up with all the features that provide you access to easy gameplay all day, including a blue light filter and flicker-free technology.
  • Flexible connectivity: The monitor has plenty of options for connectivity, making it a versatile monitor for display port, HDMIs, and VGA-inputs, etc. 
  • No image tearing: This monitor is going to give you all the ways of easy gameplay. The no-image tearing gives you the smooth rate of a frame during the battle.


  • Free sync tech
  • Worthy to buy
  • High brightness
  • Great eye care


  • No height adjustment

2)-SAMSUNG S70A Computer monitor:

best 4K monitor for eye strain

If you are the one who needs to buy a 4K UHD monitor which can also protect your eyes, then this monitor is the solution. You can say this as the best 4K monitor for eye strain, which will perform amazingly according to your expectations. Moreover, its high-resolution screen is giving you a chance of happy viewing.

Importantly, it comes up with HDR 10 technology that provides you a color-rich screen that helps your eyes from strain and gives you an immersive experience. This monitor suits very well to creative professionals because of its borderless design. The monitor’s screen is broad.

Quick features:

  • Slim & sleek: the monitor has an impressive and ergonomic design that provides you a wide screen to work without any distraction from the monitor screen.
  • High productivity: having this monitor on your table enables you to do more creativity than before. It happens because of pic-in-pic & pic-by-pic modes.
  • Certified eye-care: the monitor comes up with all the features of eye protection from strain. It has an eye saver mode and adaptive picture technology. It also has flicker-free technology.


  • Slim design
  • High pic quality
  • HDR 10 tech
  • High resolution 4K


  • No stand included

3)-BenQ EL2870U 4K monitor:

best gaming monitor for eye strain

This monitor falls in the category of decent 4K monitors. It comes up with great features for gaming. That’s why it is regarded as the best gaming monitor for eye strain. This monitor has a perfect combo of low input lag, quick response time, and Free Sync support. Moreover, it has excellent accuracy making it a great choice.

The monitor also supports HDR technology. You have to remember about this monitor because it can’t be placed in dark rooms. If you have a bright room, then go for this option. Importantly, it comes at a significantly lower price, and even it’s a 4K resolution monitor. The build quality is outstanding on this monitor.

Quick features:

  • Comfortable viewing: this monitor has almost every technology that can help your eyes from fatigue and headache, such as it has a low blue light and zero flicker technology.
  • Cable management system: this is the best feature that a monitor can ever have. This feature saves you from cable clutter. Now you can hide your cables neatly inside the stand of a monitor.
  • Eye comfort for all-day: it has adaptive brightness technology, which can automatically control the brightness so that your eyes can’t feel strain even after using it for hours.


  • Best for gaming
  • Eye-care tech
  • High accuracy
  • Affordable price


  • No high-end HDR

4)-ASUS TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B:

best computer monitor for the eyes

This monitor is the best computer monitor for the eyes because of its ultrawide screen. Its screen is almost 34 inches and also curved. Usually, curved screen monitors are considered the best solution for people with sensitive eyes. Its high aspect ratio also helps you in preventing eye strain and fatigue.

The great thing to know about this monitor is that its panel type is VA, giving a high-quality image on the screen. This monitor is considered best for those who have dark rooms as its color contrast is very high. Unfortunately, its viewing angles are narrow. In general, it is an excellent option to pick up surely.

Quick features:

  • Extreme low motion blur: this monitor has this unique feature that eliminates ghosting whenever you play a game with sharp visuals, giving you a great gameplay.
  • Brighter visuals: its wide and big screen display HDR 400, which can significantly contrast dark and bright areas on the screen. Doesn’t it sound great?
  • Super-smooth gameplay: this monitor is specially created for gamers as it has all the features, including Freesync support, graphics, etc. It gives you the chance of fluid motion gaming.


  • Great refresh rate
  • Big screen
  • High deep black level
  • Quick response time


  • Narrow viewing angles

5)-BenQ IPS eye-care tech monitor:

best low blue light monitor

The BenQ Company is famous because of their monitor’s specific with eye care technologies in the market. If you have very sensitive eyes, then you should pick this model from BenQ. This monitor is featured as the best low blue light monitor available at such an affordable price surely.

It also has a unique feature known as an ambient light sensor, which can automatically sense the light of your surroundings and adjust the warmth and brightness of the screen, respectively. Despite eye care, it also has an IPS panel with a slim and sleek design. As a result, this monitor can use for mixed usage.

Quick features:

  • Wide viewing angles: This monitor has wide angles for viewing, giving a reason for comfortable viewing even if you are using the computer all day long.
  • Slim bezel design: This ergonomic style monitor has very thin bezels that provide a wide view. Moreover, its design is also a space saver in case you have less space on your table.
  • IPS panel: The monitor has the IPS panel type, which is mostly recommended in a monitor. It can give you high-quality images on the screen of your monitor.


  • Stylish design
  • High eye-care tech
  • IPS panel
  • Highly durable


  • No free sync

6)-ASUS VP28UQG (Best Computer Monitor For Eye Strain):

Best Computer Monitor For Eye Strain

If you are the person who is looking for the best monitor for eye strain, then this model from the ASUS Company is the solution to your problem. This monitor is slightly expensive compared to others on the list because of its top-notch features, including a 4K resolution screen and AMD free sync technology. Its screen size is 28 inches.

Almost all the features this monitor has spun around gaming make it a great choice for gamers. Moreover, it has eye care technology features that help your eyes even if you want to play games for a long time in a day. However, one problem you may face with this monitor is that it doesn’t have adjustability options.

Quick features:

  • Five-way OSD joystick: this monitor can deliver high monitor controls to help you achieve game Plus features on the fly. That is a high refresh rate and response time.
  • Game visual settings: you can also adjust or customize your settings in gaming on this monitor. You can improve color performance and control over the gameplay.
  • Eye-care technology: this monitor has powerful technologies built to prevent your eyes from any strain and fatigue. So go for this option.


  • Low blue light
  • Flicker-free tech
  • Free sync
  • 4K resolution


  • Thick bezels


So the time to wrap up the article into a conclusion has come. We provided you the list of best eye care monitors available in the market in terms of helping you. According to our the best computer monitor for sensitive eyes is the ASUS VP28UQG. This monitor has every eye care technology so that you can do anything you want for an extended time. 

Best of luck!

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