Best Computer Monitor For Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro already has a great screen, but sometimes it is not enough and may not fulfill your needs. The best computer monitor for MacBook Pro is a great way to upgrade your workspace. 

Whether you want to present your ideas, doing photoshop, editing, watching movies, or playing games, having a computer monitor can be hugely beneficial.
The best monitors for MacBook Pro always come with exceptional picture quality, larger screen, color accuracy, and ergonomic design. These monitors provide high-quality displays and offer out-of-this-world image quality that gives you a more immersive experience.  

If possible, you want a monitor that should support USB-C with power delivery. In this way, it allows you to connect your MacBook Pro to the display and also permits you to charge it using a single cable.

Not all monitors come with this facility, but if needed, you have to wisely pick the monitor that comes with this feature. 

We have searched and reviewed the best monitors for MacBook Pro options for you. From perfect colors to affordable 4K, pro-level HDR to high-capacity connectivity, and curved monitors, we have provided with every feature you need to know about. Check the list below and find your best suitable option.

Top 8 Best Computer Monitor For Macbook Pro Comparison Table:

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1)-Dell Ultrasharp (Best computer monitor for macbook pro):

Resolution: FHD 1080p | Screen Size: 24 Inches | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Display Type: LED | Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 |

This dell computer is a super design LED monitor that delivers super performance. The 1920×1200 pixel resolution of this ultrasharp monitor gives 11% more screen space as compared to the 1080p monitor. This is a 24 inches screen that offers a quite good contrast ratio of 16:10.

Moreover, when it comes to the point of how many ports this monitor is offering, then you will be happy to see that this monitor is offering multiple ports that allow more flexibility than others. 

And if we discuss its price, it is not an expensive model. However, it is the best computer monitor under 300.

Quick Features

  • Ergonomic stand: It comes with a stand that can be a great range of ergonomic adjustments. It makes it very easy for the user by using the height adjustment feature, tilting mechanism, swivel rotation, to find a comfortable viewing position. 
  • Multiple ports: It offers a variety of ports like HDMI and DisplayPort connections along with the five USB 3.0 ports. Plus, it provides an anti-glare display with a security lock slot. Also, this computer monitor is incredible in providing a refresh rate of 30 to 83 kHz. 
  • Super screen performance: It is loaded with premium features for providing an exceptional viewing experience, without making a big scratch on your wallet. Its high-resolution with a significant contrast ratio helps to boost the screen performance.



2)-LG 34WN80C-B 34 inch computer monitor:

Resolution: 3440 x 1440 pixels | Screen Size: 34 Inch | Display Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz | Aspect Ratio:21:9 | Mounting Type: Wall Mount |

This monitor is regarded as the best ultrawide monitor for MacBook Pro, a good option for multi-tasking in daily life. Its curvy design makes it a professional look. Its solid performance and great features are going to help creative people, gamers, and artists. In addition, its widescreen is appealing for many people.

It comes up with a high-resolution screen, which gives you more space on the screen to work more peacefully than before. This screen also helps you prevent eye fatigue, which happens after using the monitor for a long time. The picture quality of this monitor is also very amazing.

Talking about the performance, it works out of the box. It performs very well as its brightness level is very high. Moreover, it displays a vibrant and color-rich picture with great color contrast. The best thing about this monitor is that it doesn’t show any dead pixels that prove extremely compatible with the MacBook pro.

Quick Features

  • Ergonomic design: The design of this monitor is simple and sleek, but it can be adjustable according to your preference. You can adjust the height, and you can also tilt the screen according to your posture.
  • On-screen control: This monitor comes up with various on-screen controls that allow you to set the set-up according to your choice. You can select screen split, game modes, monitor settings, and many more.
  • Big and curved screen: Its ultrawide and curved screen makes a perfect combination for you. As a multi-tasking person, you spend a lot of time monitoring; this type of screen will protect your eyes and prevent fatigue.



3)-LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch (Best budget monitor for macbook pro):

Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels | Screen Size: 27 Inch | Display Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 144 hertz | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Mounting Type: Wall Mount |

This LG Company model is considered the first IPS gaming monitor that breaks down the barrier of pixel response time. That barrier is making the IPS display monitors down in the market for some time. That’s why LG came up with this model that proved to be a phenomenal monitor, especially for gaming.

If you want to connect your MacBook pro with this to make a gaming set-up, this would greatly help you. Its features are top-notch which are compatible with the MacBook pro. Moreover, it gives you the most accurate and vibrant color screen with several useful features rather than the gaming ones.

The best thing about this monitor system is that it falls in the best budget monitor for MacBook pro by providing high-quality performance. Luckily, this monitor proves to be the best for gaming purposes, and it also works out pretty well for other tasks such as productivity and office work, etc. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work well in dark rooms.

Quick Features

  • High refresh rate: This monitor comes up with a 144Hz refresh rate higher than most gaming monitors. With this, you can experience the smooth and clear flow of games or pictures on display.
  • AMD free sync Premium: If you are playing fast-paced games, this monitor will help you provide a quick response and give you seamless movement during the game display.
  • Cross-hair feature: This feature helps you in increasing the accuracy of your gameplay. This technology delivers improved vision and professional level accuracy, which prove to be great in shooting games.



4)-Samsung UR590C (Best large monitor for macbook pro):

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p | Screen Size: 32 Inch | Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz | Display Type: LED | Aspect Ratio:16:9 |

Undoubtedly, this is more than just a computer monitor. It is a 32-inches curved monitor that comes with the 1500R curvature. It is a well-known model of curved monitor among its competitive monitors and is famous as the best widescreen monitor for gaming. It delivers a realistic viewing experience to the gamers. 

No need to worry about its contrast and colors as this monitor comes with the 1 billion color gamut along with the contrast ratio of 2500:1. Plus, its sleek and modern style with its metallic stand attracts most of the eyes towards it.

Quick Features

  • 4K UHD Display: Providing you with the four times more pixels than the full HD. This monitor offers you 4K resolution that means it delivers clear, crisp, and detailed content on the screen. And its curved display gives comfort to those who have weak eyesight as it reduces eye fatigue and is known as the best computer monitor for poor eyesight
  • Picture-by-picture: This monitor features a split-screen function that allows you to connect two different devices with this monitor without compromising on the resolution. Side-by-side on the screen, you are allowed to handle both screens and make changes accordingly. 
  • Game mode: Unlike other monitors, this is exceptional as it comes with a gaming mode in which it optimizes image contrast in-game scenes to enhance the level of gaming. It adjusts the contrast in different areas of the screen and reveals details in darker areas.



5)-Acer SB220Q bi (Best monitor for macbook pro under 200):

Resolution: FHD 1080p | Screen Size: 21.5 Inch | Display Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 75 hertz | Aspect Ratio:16:9 |

It is an IPS display that comes with a 21.5 inches widescreen. It provides the full high-definition resolution with the feature of delivering 16.7 million colors, which is quite an impressive quality of this monitor. Its zero frame design, along with ultra-thin style, makes it unique and exceptional. 

Additionally, it offers an adjustability feature to enable the user to adjust the screen according to his personal preference and get the correct viewing angle. It offers a tilt angle from 5 degrees to 15 degrees, plus the horizontal viewing angle and the vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Quick Features

  • IPS display: This incredible monitor comes with an IPS display that is high in providing premium color performance. So you will enjoy the full-screen display with zero color difference at any angle. Plus, its response time is 4s, which means you will enjoy an uninterrupted gaming session.
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync: Radeon FreeSync Technology is integrated into this monitor to minimizes the screen tearing and stuttering. Also, it enables a smooth and fast gaming experience without making any disturbance in your gaming session.
  • Thin design: Its sleek and thin display with the measurements of 0.24-inches, saves much of your desk space, and adds a modern touch to your home. Also, the super narrow bezel offers maximum viewing space of your windows entertainment.



6)-Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q (Best 27 inch monitor for macbook pro):

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p| Screen Size: 27 Inch | Display Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 |

If you are searching for an ultrasharp IPS display, then this could be your best option. This is one of the best computer monitors as it packs a 4K resolution into a 27-inches screen for providing you an unbelievably sharp picture. 

With color support of 1.07 million along with the high contrast range of shades, create strikingly realistic and clear images. It has the ability to connect with six different RF compatible devices, or Bluetooth 4.0 through Dell universal pairing.

Quick Features

  • Ultrathin bezel: You are fully allowed to do every task with this multi-monitor setup, and it also allows you to experience a virtually seamless view. Thanks to its ultrathin bezels that let you do your work and offers an extremely ultrasharp image on this thin screen. 
  • sRGB color gamut: This monitor gives you 99.9% of sRGB coverage and a 4K screen that a generous in 27-inches size. So without getting worried about the color spectrum as it is offering you the full-package of sRGB color gamut. 
  • Adjustability options: You have luckily got multiple adjustability features in this monitor. You can easily adjust the height, tilt it, pivot it, and make swivel adjustments to make your work easier and according to your own will and need.



7)-Philips 322E1C (Best External Monitor For Macbook Pro):

Resolution: FHD 1080p| Screen Size: 32 Inch | Display Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 75 hertz | Contrast ratio: 3000:1|

It is a great performance monitor that comes with innovative design, vibrant picture quality, and splendid timeless style. It features an e-line notable 32″ LED monitor that comes with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution screen to boost the content quality.

It features a VA panel technology for providing wide viewing angles, along with the impressive color reproduction to offers a great immersive experience. The inspired curved design of this computer monitor gives a more realistic view. 

In addition to its design, the three-sided frameless design with a narrow border display gives minimal distractions and multimedia setup.

Quick Features

  • Flicker-Free Technology: The brightness facility of this monitor has programmed to control the screen flickering as it causes eye strain. This technology helps in reducing eye strain and is known as the best computer monitor for eyes. 
  • VA Panel: This monitor features the VA technology that means it uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology. So with this technology, you will enjoy super-high static contrast ratios for viewing extra bright and sharp images. 
  • Low Blue Mode: Blue light rays with shortwave are known for its harmful effects on the eyes. So, to eliminate this risk, this monitor uses smart software technology to reduce unsafe rays of blue light. So without any worry, enjoy your work or play games.



8)-LG 34UC79G-B (Best Curved monitor for macbook pro):

Resolution: 3440 x 1440 Pixels | Screen Size: 34 Inch | Style:Curved | Display Type: LED |  Refresh Rate: 144 hertz|

LG introduces this model of 34-inches screen. This is an ultrawide IPS display that delivers an incredible color fidelity and comes with a package of tons of gaming options. Without any doubt, this monitor is the ideal option for intense gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. 

You wouldn’t believe it, but this monitor gives a bucket full of gaming features. This IPS display gives the refresh rate of 144Hz that means it delivers a smooth and interruption-free gaming session. The gamers are going to love this.

Quick Features

  • AMD Free-Sync Technology: This technology is very exceptionally built for gaming purposes. In this technology, gamers will experience a seamless, smooth, unrivaled performance throughout their fast-paced games. 
  • Motion Blur Reduction feature: Gamers may face blur screens while playing heavy games. But this monitor comes with the motion blur reduction feature in which the response time is virtually 1ms that reliably reduce the blurring and ghosting to make the action in games smoother.
  • Crosshair feature: This feature is also for gamers. This feature is superb in upgrading the level of gamers’ experience. So in this feature, by placing the striking point in the center of the display, the feature improves firing accuracy in first-person shooter games.



Buyer's Guide:

If you’re looking for a computer monitor for everyday use, you will find lots of options at great prices in the market. It depends on you which type, size, and features of the monitor you need to get for MacBook pro. 

There are hundreds of thousands of options, but you have to decide on one of them. So if you are new and you have not purchased a computer monitor yet, you should research a little and choose wisely. 

This section is specially written for all those who need to know a little more about the computer monitors for MacBook pro.

What to look for in computer monitors for MackBook pro:

⦁ Size: 

A need for a larger screen pushes you to add a monitor to your MacBook Pro. Although smaller monitors are enough for office work, if you want to watch a lot of media or play games, then you need a larger screen. 

Smaller than 24 inches: The smaller than 24 inches size of monitors can easily be found in the market. If it fulfills your need, then these are enough for you, but spending a little more can open up more possibilities of wide displays.

24 inches and larger: Larger screens are expensive than the smaller ones. Once you hit the 24 inches or above, its price starts around 300$. These are expensive, but offers a lot of features than the standard monitors. These are for gamers, coders, and graphic designers.

⦁ Resolution

The most common resolution found in the standard computer monitors is 1920×1080, also known as 1080p. For getting more vivid viewing experience, the larger screens come with the 4K ultra HD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. 

If you want a monitor for office work or some type of work that doesn’t need high resolutions, then the 1080p resolution monitor is enough for you. But if you need to do designing, editing, 3d modeling, or playing games, then 4K resolution monitors are the best option.

⦁ Design:

For some people, the design is not a serious factor to consider. But to some extent, it should be considered. Ok, I tell the reason why it should be considered. You purchased a larger screen, but you have a smaller space on your desk to adjust your screen. 

What will you do? Most of the models come with a wider footprint, whereas some are designed to save space on your desk. Plus, some designs are fixed, and some are adjustable. Some even include a curved screen. The best design of the computer monitor is entirely based on your personal preference.


Picking the right monitor for your Macbook Pro is a little difficult task. You should consider the space on your desk first and how much you can afford. That is why the best computer monitor for Macbook Pro is the Samsung 32-Inch UR590C UHD 4K computer monitor. 

It is neither too larger nor too small in size and packed with all the essential and additional features that will be fit for your needs.