Best Curved Monitor Under 500 For Gaming and Work

There is a limit to how much good viewing experience your flat monitors can provide. Although they were the boss a few decades back, with the explosion of curved monitors, these flat ones have been dethroned as they fail to provide you with immersive visuals.

If what you desire is lifelike and blur-free picture quality then aim for Curved monitors which are known for escalated depth perception and wide viewing. Compared to the flat monitors, the curved ones can provide you with a more immersive and lifelike view.

Among the 6 curved monitors reviewed in our article, the VIOTEK GNV34CB is the best-selling. It demonstrates low cost and features a 1400R curvature. Its resolution is good and features a VA panel display

Best curved monitor under 500

The comparison chart below lists all the best curved monitor under 500 to help you quickly choose the best unit.

Curved monitors



34-inch screen, VA panel, 1400R curvature

AOC CU32V3 Monitor

32-inch screen, VA panel, 1400R curvature

Sceptre 35 Inch Curved

35-inch screen, 1800R curvature, FPS, and RTS modes


32 inches screen, 1500R curvature

LG 34UC80-B Monitor

34-inch screen, USB type C port

HP 34f 34” Curved Monitor

34-inch screen, IPS panel

1)-VIOTEK GNV34CB – Best Curved Ultrawide Monitor Under 500:

Best Curved Ultrawide Monitor Under 500


  • Fast refresh rate
  • Ultrawide screen
  • Exceptional AMD sync feature


  • Complaints of the flickering screen in screen saving mode.

In the tech industry, the Viotek has made an explosion and amazed its admirers with the latest curved monitor technology. Its monitors brag with their ravishing displays and magnificent performance. The VIOTEK GNV34CB is the best-curved monitor under 500 which demonstrates awesome color reproduction, promotes spectacular speed and an uninterrupted gaming experience.


The VIOTEK GNV34CB demonstrates a good visual presentation with a glossy exterior. The stability demonstrated by its quirky Y shaped stand is certainly noteworthy. However, the most admirable and appealing feature is its curvature technology that has been added for enhancement of your field of vision.

The 1500R curvature technology makes its depth perception super optimized. The 34-inch screen is big enough for your whole content to be shown up in a single scroll, eliminating the need for frequent scrolling of the page. Presenting with its ultra-wide full HD and VA panel, the viewers can feast upon the crisp and brilliantly vivid visuals.

For extensive fluidity in performance, the VIOTEK GNV34CB has a 100Hz refresh rate. The bedazzling colorful pictures are due to the 16.7 million colors which it utilizes. Similarly, the 3000:1 contrast ratio is triple compared to other curved monitors. The 300 nits brightness adds clarity to the display.

For gaming freaks, this monitor is excellent for their high octane games as the AMD free sync aspect makes their gaming fluid with no ghosting. Its impressive G Sync compatibility saves you from investing in those beefy and overpriced  G sync displays. Its indeed the best curved ultrawide monitor under 500.


VIOTEK GNV34CB has a promising future with its 1500R curvature technology. The ravishing and alluring 16.7 million colors and the vivid displays on its 34 inches Ultra-Wide HD resolution screen makes it a fine monitor for investment.

2)-AOC CU32V3 Monitor-Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under 500:

Best curved gaming monitor under 500


  • Split screen
  • VA panel
  • Great visual colors
  • Decent responsiveness
  • Frameless design


  • The stand has a tilt aspect only.

The AOC CU32V3 is another profitable and competitive monitor crafted for time-efficiency and convenience. As a student, you can enjoy taking your online class and entertainment side by side. The AOC enterprise is among the leading competitors and is a very credible company for multitaskers. It’s the best curved monitor under 500.


With a single peek, you will be marveled by its looks, compelling colors, and breath-taking picture quality. But its outstanding feature is its 1500R curvature which not only escalates the aesthetics of the monitor but also increases depth perception, providing you magnificent and uncompromised pixel quality at versatile angles.

This glossy yet thin exterior monitor illustrates a magnificent picture quality with its 3840×2160 resolution. Bragging with its exceptionally intense and heroic image quality, the AOC CU32V3 has surely taken the lead among its rivals. With no bezel design, your 32-inch screen won’t any longer be under its silhouette.

The AOC CU32V3 brags with its 16.7 million colors. Its extensive color gamut makes it a perfect choice for graphic designing fanatics. Apart from that, it has a split-screen aspect which allows you to attend your online class and chat on WhatsApp side by side.

The AOC eye protection technology is terrific. The AOC CU32V3 distinctive quirk to provide a flicker-free screen and a blue light filter is truly appreciable. Its efforts to protect hard workers from eye strain is admirable indeed. Its backside has two HDMI 2.0 and diDisplayPort.2.


AOC CU32V3 is another honorable and reliable monitor that illustrates great visual colors and picture quality, enough to be marveled at. Similarly, its quick performance and split-screen aspect makes it the best curved gaming monitor under 500.

3)-Sceptre 35 Inch-Best Curved Monitor For Office Work:

Best Curved Monitor For Office Work


  • FPS and RTS modes
  • Great visual colors
  • Outstanding eye protection technology
  • Exceptional 1800R curvature


  • The stand has a tilt aspect only.

Bravo would surely be the first word that will come to your mind after taking a glimpse of the Sceptre 35 Inch Curved monitor which is indeed spectacular in multiple ways. The fast performance of this monitor will enable you to finish your time taking and intensive duties in just a few hours.


Sceptre enterprise has illustrated Brilliant craftsmanship with the release of this model. The Sceptre 35 Inch Curved monitor is what completely depicts the modern 21st-century era. The unique and illuminated back of the monitor adds charm to this monitor and hence is enough to make you go crazy over it. 

The big screen with no shadow of bezels over it, helps you to enjoy your movies to the max. The 35 inches screen is large enough to satisfy your cravings. For lovely graphics, its 21:9 screen demonstrates  3440×1440 p resolution which amplifies the image quality.

For gaming aficionados, the visual clarity is just perfect. Coupled with its enchanting colorful displays, the 1800R curvature expands your fun and allows you to enjoy exquisite viewing from all sides. Its distinctive quirks are the 2 modes FPS and RTS making your gaming experience top-notch.

Similarly, for fluid and smooth working, it promotes an AMD Free sync feature and about a 100Hz refresh rate. The crisp and zero flickers screen prevents your eyes from going bad. The blue light mode plays a similar role. It is indeed the best curved monitor under 500.


Sceptre 35 Inch Curved demonstrates clear and sharp graphics perfect for gaming aficionados. Similarly, the various eye protection features and good performance make it the best curved monitor for office work.

4)-GIGABYTE G32Q – Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under 300:

Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under 300


  • Exemplary Eye care technology
  • Promising QHD resolution
  • Flawless Black equalizer and Aim stabilizer
  • Valuable OSD sidekick


  • The stand can only tilt or adjust its height.

While providing your nemesis with the taste of their own medicine, the last thing you want to suffer from is a low response rate, ghosting, and uninterrupted gaming. However, the GIGABYTE brand has perfectly dealt with this obstacle with their latest launch the GIGABYTE G32Q monitor. It is the best curved gaming monitor under 300.


The GIGABYTE G32Q is another leading curved monitor that not only delivers you with a big fat display screen but brags with its spectacular quirks which assist in making your high-end gaming experience a smooth one. Supporting 1500R, this GIGABYTE G32Q can provide you with intensity and clarity at various angles with zero pixel quality risked.

The wide 32 inches display screen promotes the 2560×1440 pixels hence providing you with blur-free and crystal clear graphics. The major factors that contribute to its flawless performance are its refresh and response rate. The fast 1 ms response rate and 165 Hz refresh rate both work in tandem to make your gaming ghosting free.

Its distinctive quirk is its aim stabilizer. This mode helps the gaming freaks set their aims and kill their targets effectively. Similarly, the black equalizer makes your shady scenes bedazzling and escalate their clarity.

The GIGABYTE G32Q features a handy OSD sidekick which is perfect for customizing your monitor settings without a hassle. Similarly, it has a dashboard that demonstrates useful information regarding your hardware. It also helps in keeping the gaming aficionados’ eyes safe with the inventive eye-safe technology which includes the anti-flickering screen and the blue light filter.


GIGABYTE G32Q is yet another gentle on the budget gadget which illustrates good QHD graphics and demonstrates fluid gaming.

5)-LG 34UC80-B Best Curved Monitor Under 300:

Best Curved Monitor Under 300 Dollers


  • Outstanding AMD free sync feature
  • Spectacularly ergonomic
  • Promising picture quality


  • Integrated speakers are absent

To support the graphic designing aficionados and even photographers, the LG 34UC80-B has been released which marvels the passionate editors with its astonishing quirks. The LG enterprise has brought forth its masterpiece after a lot of research and tests. This is a low-on-budget monitor that provides you with good editing features.


The hyped-up professional look of the LG 34UC80-B makes it the best curved monitor under 300. It is super curved and the widescreen puts a harness on your scrolling. With this beefy  34 inch screen, you no longer need to scroll a lot to peer through your entire assignment or website.

With no bezel silhouette over the screen, this LG 34UC80-B demonstrates flawless performance. This beefy screen brags with its WQHD resolution which amplifies the graphics and enables you to amuse yourself from intensely elucidated and vivid visuals. Also, the 99% sRGB spectrum coverage makes the image quality a lot more colorful and real.

Since the target audience for this monitor are graphic designers and editors, the LG 34UC80-B demonstrates its split-screen feature. This screen dividing quirk helps in cutting down your time on editing as you get to work on multiple ones on multiple screens.

The LG 34UC80-B promotes only a type C port. This port keeps your room free from wires as it demonstrates multiple functions which include charging and transferring files etc. This HDR10 compatible electric gadget is truly a masterpiece of the LG enterprise.


LG 34UC80-B is an honourable monitor that promotes great graphic quality with its broad sRGB coverage and fine resolution. The Type C USB port and split-screen quirks are also outstanding. Similarly, its HDR10 compatible and illustrates bedazzling graphics!

6)-HP 34f 34” – Best Curved Monitor Under 500:

Best Curved Monitor Under 500


  • Good sRGB spectrum coverage
  • Curved and widescreen
  • Impressive resolution


  • Integrated speakers are absent
  • No compatibility with HDR
  • 1-year warranty

HP brand is famous for its exquisite and ravishing monitors. HP brand has always been a formidable opponent for many brands. This enterprise has inaugurated the HP 34f 34” Curved Monitor and has astonished its rivals with its looks and functionality.


Crafted particularly for editors and graphic designers, this HP 34f 34” Curved Monitor comes with exquisite looks. The refinement and awesomeness that this widescreen monitor provides are far better than the flat monitors. This curved monitor has been successful in demonstrating high-quality pixels at all angles.

The 34-inch display screen with no bezel silhouette over it maximizes your screen and provides you with good entertainment with its QHD resolution. This quad high definition resolution keeps the image clear and elucidated. The HP 34f 34” Curved Monitor brags with its IPS panel.

The HP 34f 34” Curved Monitor won’t jeopardize the image quality even if you view it from far or you sit close to the screen. Although it’s not HDR-compatible, it does have the quirk to provide you with the fluid transition with its AMD free sync technology.

The HP 34f 34” Curved Monitor is indeed the best curved monitor under 500 which illustrates spectacular graphics perfect for graphic designers and editing aficionados. It’s an overall good monitor but the warranty is very low. It’s only 1 year. 


HP 34f 34” Curved Monitor is an honorable and reasonable monitor that brags with its IPS panel, beefy 34-inch none -bezel screen, and impressive image quality with its QHD pixel resolution. It is a good monitor and will bring you plenty of privileges and convenience. Its the best budget curved ultrawide monitor indeed!

How To Choose The Best Curved Monitor Under 500 USD For Gaming And Work?

Most likely, the curved monitors proved to be best for graphic designers, gamers, and multitaskers. These curved monitors are far better than flat panels as they can give you the proper immersive viewing experience you need when you have to work for long hours with the computer screen.

In the market, you will get several options of the best-curved monitors available for under $500, but the real question is how to choose the right one for yourself. You have to consider some essential factors in the curved monitor before buying it for either work or gaming. 

So let’s move forward!

1)-Degree of curvature:
Before buying the new curved monitor, understanding, this factor is significant. Every monitor you see is not of the same curvature. Most panels provide the 1800R curvature, which proves to be greatly attractive. However, for gaming and working purpose, you should choose a tightly curved monitor.

2)-Monitor’s resolution:
Curved monitors are usually come up with WQHD resolution (3440×1440), known as the native resolution. This factor is associated with the size of your screen. As much more apparent the size of the screen, the higher its resolution will be. So it’s up to you whether you want a 30 to 35 inches curved monitor or a 49 inch. 

3)-Refresh rate:
For the gamers, this point is crucial. With the help of a high refresh rate, you can get speedy visuals. In high-end games, you need this very much. Moreover, it is also helpful in creativity or productivity in office work or projects. That’s why I choose the curved monitor with a high refresh rate, like 144Hz at least.

4)-Response time:
For playing high-end games on your curved monitor, you should consider this factor more than anything. The response time defines the time of pixel it takes for changing colors from white to black and then to grey. The low response time is regarded as best as it will boost up your in-game reflexes.

5)-The screen size of the monitor:
If you want to buy the best-curved monitor for gaming and work purposes, you must choose the most miniature screen size of 30 inches. In less than 500 dollars, you can quickly get a 30-inch curved monitor with great features. On the other hand, if you don’t have any budget issues, go for a higher screen size, such as 35 or 49 inches. 

We hope you will be confident to buy the accurate monitor for you after reading this article. Best of luck!

Final Statement:

Curved monitors are a luxury. They are spectacular and provide you with impressively immersive viewing. If you are debating whether you should go for a flat one or a curved one, then choose the latter as it not only provides you with good viewing angles but for an immersive experience, the curved monitors are the best!  We hope that you purchase a good budget-friendly curved monitor soon!

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