Best Monitor For Alienware Aurora

The total system is completed when you have a monitor and a desktop, making the perfect combination. Sometimes you have different company desktops and monitors, and then you want to make the perfect combo for the complete setup.
The Dell Company makes the Alienware aurora tower desktops which are specially made for gaming purposes. These desktops have the latest features, which make these the popular ones for gamers. Moreover, the R11 and R9 are the different types of this series.

If you have the Alienware aurora desktop and search for the best monitor compatible with it, you are at the right place. The buying of a new monitor, especially in this case, is a difficult task to do. You need a monitor which makes set up perfectly.

We are here to provide you the best monitors for this purpose. We have reviewed many monitors and picked up the top 3 to help you get the perfect one for your Alienware Aurora desktop. Make yourself through the whole article; we hope you will get the one you want.

So without more wait, let’s get into it!

Top 3 best monitors for Alienware aurora Comparison Table:

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1)-SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 (Best monitor for Alienware aurora):

Best Monitor For Alienware Aurora

You can regard this monitor as the versatile one with amazing performance and top-notch features. This monitor is perfectly compatible with the alien-ware aurora, which is the dell desktops. The size of the screen of this monitor comes up with the range of 27 or 32 inches which provides you the access to choose the one you prefer more.

You can use this monitor for mixed-use, such as for office work and gaming too. The monitor has the combo of highest refresh rate and response time which helps you a lot in your gameplay and makes it the best monitor for Alienware aurora r11. The quality of the picture is also very fine and clear, with outstanding color accuracy and color gamut.

Quick features:

  • WQHD resolution: If you have this monitor on your table, you can make your amazing gaming world. The WQHD provides 1.7 times the great pixel density of simple HD.
  • Rapid refresh rate: This monitor provides you the highest refresh rate of 240 Hz, which is outstanding in gameplay. It gives four times fast on the screen as compared to the ordinary one.
  • QLED technology: The monitor comes up with the latest technology of QLED, which provides the best quality of picture in every frame. It produces more vibrant colors representing high-class production.


  • Great response time
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Outstanding gradient handling
  • Low input lag
  • Innovative features


  • Narrow angles of viewing

2)-LG 27GL83A-B (Best monitor for Alienware aurora r9 and r11):

best monitor for Alienware aurora r9

If you need a monitor for your alien-ware aurora desktop in an affordable price range, then this monitor is the best for you. This monitor is one of the rapidly working IPS panels which are available in the market. The LG Company creates this, especially to provide its customers zero ghosting in games and vibrant & vivid colors.

Talking about the other details of the monitor, you can regard this one as the best monitor for Alienware aurora r9 for sure. Every detailing and feature of the monitor makes it catchier for the buyers. The combination of such a feature-rich and reasonable price will make you fall for it, and the quality of image and performance is also very fine and elegant.

Quick features:

  • Fluid gaming motion: The high refresh rate of 144 Hz of this monitor can make your gameplay or other work smoother and faster for sure. It also gives the fluid motion of visuals that you see on the screen.
  • Convenient gameplay: This monitor has the game specifications, including the bright screen and flash, which explodes whenever your opponents hide in the dark. Due to this, you can escape easily.
  • Adjustable stand: The monitor has an adjustable stand which helps you a lot in reducing your fatigue and eye strain. You can tilt or pivot or adjust the height according to your preference.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Value good for the money
  • Fluid gameplay
  • Game specifications


  • No swivel options in stand

3)-Asus VP249QG  (Best gaming monitor for alienware aurora r9, r10 and r11):

Best gaming monitor for alienware aurora r11

This is also an affordable gaming monitor which is compatible with the Alienware aurora desktops. There are several options in the market, but this is a good option to choose for sure if you have a budget. The quality of image and performance is what a gamer needs for the monitor, so don’t worry, this monitor’s things are pretty well and fine.

They provide the standard quality of gaming in this price range. The screen’s brightness is very great for normal viewing, and if you have this one on your table, you will love its quality and features. This monitor is fast rated compatible enough with your hardcore gaming. The company has made the monitor with gamic-centric features.

Quick features:

  • Shadow boost technology: This technology clears the dark places of the game which you play. Moreover, it clarifies the dark place but without exposing the bright areas in the games.
  • Low blue light: The monitor’s light is very high, so the blue light technology lessens the harmful light of the monitor on its own. By the way, you can select the four settings for the screen.
  • Flicker-free technology: This technology is inserted in the gaming monitors, especially to provide you the experience of comfortable gaming and gameplay. It also lessens eye fatigue.


  • Affordable price
  • Consistent colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Accurate colors
  • Good for gaming


  • Tilt only stand


This article has provided you the best monitors for the Alienware aurora desktops by the Dell Company. 

In our recommendation, the best one among them is the LG 27GL83A-B monitor, which gives the gamic centric features at a very affordable price. No matter which one you choose, we hope this article will help you get the right one.

Best of luck!

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