Best Monitor For GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti

Different types of graphic cards need different kinds of monitors for their proper working. This article talks about the GTX 1660, GTX 1660 super, and GTX 1660 Ti GPUs, which NVidia releases. These graphic cards are specially made for gamers who have a fixed budget. If you are the one who doesn’t want to burn his pockets, then you should have one of these GPUs on your monitor. 

The GTX 1660 GPUs can smoothly and easily work out for all the latest games. Having these graphics cards on your monitor will enable you to enjoy games at affordable prices. But the main concern is to buy the most appropriate monitor for such type of GPUs for sure. Finding and selecting the right monitor which can run these GPUs easily is a difficult task to do. 

The markets are full of products regarding the GTX 1660 graphic cards, but you have some knowledge and know-how before buying. To make your selection easy, we reviewed the top 7 monitors for these GPUs in the list. We hope it will help you a lot in buying your perfect one. 

So let’s dive in!

Top 7 Best monitors for GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Super, and GTX 1660 Ti:

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1)- AOC 24G2 - (Best Gaming IPS Monitor For GTX 1660):

Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size:                   24 inches

Screen Resolution:         FHD 1080p

Display Technology:      LCD

Refresh Rate:                  144Hz

Response Time:              1ms

Stand:                                Fully Adjustable Stand

Panel Type:                       IPS 

This monitor can be regarded as the fine budget monitor for gamers in terms of gamers’ requirements in gameplay. It ticks all the right boxes. The performance of the monitor is also very satisfying, especially for gamers.

The quality of the image of this monitor is fine with each color detailing. This monitor is not suitable for hardcore gaming, but this monitor falls in the right category if we talk about overall working and features. 

Quick features:

  • Rapid response: The monitor’s fast response time (1ms) makes it very competitive and useful in gameplay. Moreover, this also enables the game to run smoothly.
  • Frameless design: The monitor comes up with a three-sided frameless IPS panel that provides broad viewing angles and vibrant colors, giving the best experience.
  • Refresh rate: This monitor’s refresh rate is about 144 Hz, which is very fast and provides access to play fast games without any difficulty or discomfort.



2)-AOC C24G1-(Best Monitor For GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti) :

Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size:                    24 inch 

Resolution:                     FHD 1080p

Display Technology:      LED

Refresh Rate:                  144Hz

Response Time:             1ms

Stand:                               Ergo Dial Base

Aspect Ratio:                  16:9

This monitor is preferred as one of the best monitors for the 16 series GPUs in the market. The quality and performance of the monitor are unique. This monitor’s looks are very immersive, which gives the real experience of gaming or watching games.

After the performance, the gamers’ primary concern is the image’s quality on the monitor. So the image’s quality of this monitor is very good and sharp, which provides deep gameplay in the true sense. Moreover, the features of the monitor are also acceptable.

Quick features:

  • Curved panel: The monitor’s design is awe-inspiring as it is curved, giving accurate viewing angles. It also provides an immersive experience.
  • No flickering: This feature lessens the flickering, which feels very annoying during the gameplay. Additionally, it gives less fatigue and strain to your eyes.
  • Frameless design: This monitor comes up frameless, enabling you to join multi-monitors and quickly make an ultimate battle station in your home.



3)-Asus VP249QGR - (Best Monitor For GTX 1660 Super):

Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size:                   23.8 Inches

Screen Resolution:        FHD 1080p

Display Technology:     LED

Refresh Rate:                144 hertz

Response Time:            1ms

Mounting Type              Wall Mount

Item Weight:                  10.33 pounds

connectivity:                 DisplayPort, HDMI and D-sub ports 

This monitor is referred to as the best monitor for GTX 1660 Super graphic card with premium quality and cool features for sure. The monitor’s performance is very excellent compared to other monitors whose have the same specifications and qualities. 

The image’s quality is very high, and the screen’s visuals treat the gamers’ eyes. It is regarded as the fastest IPS monitor with such an affordable price in the market. The monitor is a feature-packed and high performance, which is a great choice to choose.

Quick features:

  • Gamer-centric: The features of this monitor are specially designed to maintain the requirements of the gamers. It enhances the experience of gameplay.
  • Shadow boost technology: This technology enables the gamers to see the attackers hiding in the dark without showing the bright areas. It enhances the overall view of the game.
  • Eye-care technology: The monitor’s screen is created to provide special care to your eyes while playing games. The blue light filter lessens the fatigue and strain on the eyes.



4)-Samsung CRG5 - (Best 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor):

Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size:                        23.5 Inches

Screen Resolution:            FHD 1080p

Display Technology:           LCD

Refresh Rate:                      144 hertz

Response Time:                  4 ms

Item Weight:                        7.20 lbs

Aspect Ratio:                       16:9

Color:                                    Black

If you need a trusted company that produces the feature-rich monitor, this one works out for your preference. This curved monitor of Samsung Company gives you the feel of completely lost in the game you play or a movie you watch. 

This gaming monitor allows you to play for a long time without any issue, which causes any problem in the gameplay. Additionally, this monitor’s features are too good that you will fall in love with it every day once you buy it. At an affordable price, it’s a good choice.

Quick features:

  • Easier on eyes: The monitor has the technology or mode through which you can lessen your eyes’ fatigue, which may arise due to gaming. 
  • Flawless gaming: The AMD Radeon free-sync deletes the tearing of images or splitting or flickering, which gives you smooth gameplay.
  • Gaming buildup: This monitor is specially designed for gamers as it has different modes and settings which you can apply according to your preference.



5)-Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx - (Best Monitor For GTX 1660):

Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size:                       24.5-Inch

Screen Resolution:           FHD 1080p

Display Technology:         LCD

Refresh Rate:                     240 hertz

Item Weight:                     14.99 Pounds

Aspect Ratio:                     16:9

Mounting Type:                Table

Color:                                 Black

If you want a monitor on which you can play without any break, this monitor falls in your requirement category. The reason behind this is that this monitor has the maximum refresh rate, which makes it work rapidly and continuously without any break for sure.

The gameplay becomes very smooth like butter with this monitor’s high refresh rate. This monitor helps you a lot in competitive and hardcore games by having a lot of great features. The performance of the monitor is also excellent and satisfying for the gamer. 

Quick features:

  • High-quality visuals: The large screen with HD resolution provides top-notch images with single detail on the screen. This type of screen provides a good experience of gaming.
  • Tear-free gaming: The best monitor for Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 contains the compatibility of working smoothly with GeForce to give you the best feel of gaming ever.
  • Super-fast refresh rate: The fastest refresh rate of 240 Hz makes this monitor the best one among others in the market for gamers. It gives ultra-smooth scenes of motion in 2D.



6)-VIOTEK GNV34DB - (Best Gaming Monitor For GTX 1660):

Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size:                     34 Inches

Screen Resolution:         QHD Ultra Wide 1440p

Display Technology:      LED

Refresh Rate:                 100 hertz

Item Weight:                  15.50 lbs

Aspect Ratio:                  21:9

Color:                               Black

If you search for a monitor with a widescreen display, this is the best gaming monitor for GTX 1660. This monitor is a versatile one as it has something for everyone, whether you are a movie lover or content creator or power users; you can say a powerhouse. 

The monitor’s performance is awe-inspiring, with advanced features that can truly fulfill dedicated gamers’ requirements. The big screen with QHD technology provides an immersive feel in the gameplay to the gamers.

Quick features:

  • Multimedia powerhouse: The QHD technology gives two times more full HD results than others. Additionally, the big screen doubles the joy of a movie or a game.
  • More immersive curvature: The 1500R curvature covers most of the viewing area, enabling you to watch from any angle without any difficulty and discomfort. 
  • Best-in-class support: The company provides the best monitors with zero tolerance dead pixel policy and giving three years of warranty. Isn’t it pretty good?



7)-Sceptre 30-inch - ( Best Monitor For GTX 1660 Ti):

Monitor Specifications:

Screen Size:                     30 Inches

Screen Resolution:         FHD Ultra Wide 1080p

Display Technology:         LED

Aspect Ratio                      21:9

Response Time:               5ms (GTG) 

Refresh Rate:                    200 hertz

Item Weight:                     12.15 pounds

Mounting Type:              Wall Mount

This one is considered the best gaming monitor for low-budgeted gamers as it provides a big screen, high refresh rate, and great performance all in one at an affordable price. It seems as it is the best monitor for GTX 1660 ti graphic card surely. 

This monitor can’t work out properly in dark rooms, but it works out very well in bright rooms. On the whole, the quality of the image of the monitor is satisfying. The monitor’s performance is great with a high refresh rate which means the game will run without splitting.

Quick features:

  • Blue light shift: The shifting of light from normal to blue option in the monitor helps you reduce your eye strain and fatigue that you might cause after playing or working for hours.
  • High refresh rate: The refresh rate of 200 Hz provides the gamers the clear images without blurry or tearing screens. This refresh rate is two times higher than the standard refresh rates.
  • Built-in speakers: The built-in speakers provide audio for games or conference calls etc. By having these, you don’t have to buy separate speakers.



Buying guide:

There are many graphic cards used for gaming, but the main task is to find out the right gaming monitor for the specific GPU. 

Before buying, you should know some factors as they will help you a lot in selecting the right monitor for gaming purposes. In this article, we provide you the things you should consider before you go shopping.

So let’s get started!


The 16 series GPUs work out perfectly for the 1080p resolution. Those monitors will run most of the games in the right way without any issues for sure. 

Competitive games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, and GO can run easily on such types of monitors. The 1440p resolution also works, but the latest games may cause problems with it.

Screen size:

If you own a monitor whose resolution is 1080p, then the screen size of 24 to 25 inches is the perfect one for sure. The 27 inches of the screen size suits the best for the 1440p resolution.

 Remember one thing that anything high affects your monitor’s density of pixel, which in return produces dull images. 

Refresh rate:

First of all, the term refresh rate means the number of times in a second through which the monitor enhances itself with fresh and new images. 

So the high refresh rate provides the buttery smooth and blur-free performance in the games you play. This aspect plays a key role in gaming monitors. The 144 Hz refresh rate is the best one for gamers.

Response time:

This aspect depends upon the type of gamer you are, whether you are a competitive one or a hardcore one, or an average one. If you are a competitive gamer, then low response time provides the gamer an additional edge. 

If you are an average gamer, then a response time of less than 10ms will be enough for you. The market contains monitors with a less than 1ms response rate.

Panel type:

There are different types of panels which the monitors use. Briefly talking about these types, they are classified as TN, IPS, and VA. The most commonly used are the IPS ones as they provide the premium quality of the image and colors with the best viewing angles. 

The TN ones provide a super-fast response rate and if you are a serious gamer, choose this one. The VA ones give a high contrast ratio than the other two, and you can place it in between IPS and TN.

Bottom line:

In this article, we provide you the top 7 best monitors for the 16-series GPUs and the buying guide to help you and guide you towards the right path of choosing. These monitors are great in their way, but the best one is the Samsung 24 inches CRG5 monitor. 

This monitor fulfills all the requirements of gamer needs in the gaming monitor. This monitor is feature-rich at an affordable price. We hope you get the right one after reading the complete article.

Happing shopping!

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