Best Monitor For GTX 970

GTX 970 is a gaming graphics card that helps you to execute NVIDIA GeForce. It helps you in expecting the best gaming experience due to high-class graphics. The monitors that support Sync technology are considered the best for GTX. The monitors that have the GTX help you in minimizing any distortion in your games.

In the market, there are many systems available that support GTX 970 in the best way. The monitors considered best for the GTX should provide the users the best visuals with a high screen resolution and the maximum display size. The display of the more compatible monitors with GeForce is considered the best monitor for GTX 970.

Here is the list of the best monitors available in the market for GTX 970; you can look at them and customize them according to your requirements, a monitor that should have all the features mentioned below.

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Top 6 Best Monitor For GTX 970 – Comparison Table:

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1)-LG 27GL83A-B (Best 144Hz monitor for GTX 970):

Best 144Hz monitor for GTX 970

LG provides you with the best 27 inches QHD, advanced technology monitors in the market that provide you with higher graphics alongside advanced IPS technology. This LG monitor provides you the best experience for gaming and illustrators. Its ultra-fast speed of about 144HZ provides the gamers a very smooth gaming experience.

Due to the fastest speed, it is referred to as the best 144Hz monitor for GTX 970. This monitor also provides you a better working experience even for normal pc tasks. For professional gamers, this beast provides a fast reaction to the opponents.

Quick features:

  • Connectivity: This monitor provides you best connectivity options with its multi ports. It has a USB type-c port, a separate headphone jack, a fast-moving USB port, and a separate data transfer port can also be used.
  • Smooth processing: The monitor provides you the best working productivity with its clear view without any lagging. It also provides you a smooth and fastest processing with a very high refresh rate, making it the best monitor for GTX 1070.
  • Back stand: The back stand of the monitor is adjustable, and you can adjust it according to your eyes’ comfort level and perform your tasks without any discomfort. It also provides you blue light filter that is best to ease your eyes.


  • Stylish design
  • IPS panel
  • High brightness
  • High color accuracy
  • Best compatibility for GTX 1070.


  • Require latest updates

2)-ASUS TUF HDR (Best monitor for GTX 970):

Best Monitor For GTX 970

Asus provides the users an updated version monitor and provides the users with an all-in-one solution for all their requirements. Users looking for the best sports laptop have this best option as this monitor comes with great features and performance. 

The screen resolution of this monitor is very high and provides the users a very clear view for their video streaming for HD videos on Netflix or YouTube. The use of the monitor is very user-friendly. It has the latest IPS technology that provides a very bright and clear view.

Quick features:

  • Free Sync premium technology: This technology provides you HDMI ports that provide the users the fastest refresh rate and low latency. It also provides comfort to your eyes with its tearing free during gamming.
  • Enhanced image view: The technology of enhanced image view provides you a boosted brightness even in the dark areas for a better view. It also provides you best working experience and delivers a lifetime gaming experience.
  • Refresh rate: This monitor provides you best refresh rate of about 165HZ. It helps you in the highest visuals settings without any time lag. It helps you in better productivity.


  • Low motion blur
  • Ultra HD screen
  • Shadow boost technology
  • Game plus technology
  • Flicker-free technology


  • Little pricey

3)-LG 34WN80C-B (Editor Choice):

best monitor for GeForce GTX 970

Professional users looking for a device that can help and accommodate them in all aspects is very important. For multitasking, this device is a perfect option for greater screen space. It provides you best compatibility with GeForce GTX PCs; that’s why it is the best monitor for GeForce GTX 970.

A 34-inch ultra-wide screen is very helpful for gamers. This device will never disappoint the users in terms of gaming and for GTX 970. If you are a professional and finding a device for your multitasking, this is a perfect option.

Quick features:

  • Display: The display size of the screen is very wide. It provides you a maximum screen ratio of 21:9. This monitor provides you ease in terms of both viewing and comfort level of your eyes.
  • Connectivity: This device is not lacking in terms of connectivity options. It has a single USB Type-C port that allows you to transfer data and charge your phone simultaneously. Plus, it has a headphone jack, and there is an additional fast-charging port.
  • Enhanced Productivity: This device provides you high productivity for the professional work for the users; they can run their final cut pro browsers simultaneously.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy control on screen
  • Ultra-wide screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • AMD free technology


  • No built-in speakers

4)-AOC CU34G2X Curved Frameless Monitor:

best monitor for NVIDIA GTX 970

AOC is one of the most well-known brands in the market for the USB power monitors for GTX. AOC CU34G2X is one of the most featured products of the brand regarding its display and work efficiency with the best screen resolution.

The IPS display of the monitor never disappoints the users in their visuals. It provides a high brightness along with the best color versatility. Due to its ergonomic base, it provides the users an extra-wide viewing angle.

Quick features:

  • Sync technology: Due to its Sync technology, it provides the best performance of NVIDIA. Due to this, it is considered the best monitor for NVIDIA GTX 970. Due to this, you can run high-end games on it without any lagging.
  • AOC’s shadow control: In the dark rooms or even in the dark scenes in the game, you can observe the best quality of your visuals. There are some dark scenes in the games, so the shadow control feature helps get the best out of those scenes.
  • Motion Blur: The device provides you a high response of 1ms due to its adaptive sync. It also eliminates tearing and ghosting due to its motion blur technology. You can observe sharp gaming visuals.


  • Shadow boost
  • Support HQR-10
  • High connectivity
  • High ergonomics
  • High image quality


  • Low contrast.

5)-Philips 276E9QDSB (27-inch Monitor):

Best 27 inch monitor for GTX 970

When it comes to select the best monitor, it should not only for the professionals but also provide you with the best working experience for the usual use. Philips is one the best monitor for the usual gamers. It is one of the most affordable options for the users out there.

The monitor is packed with all the latest specs and features. The color accuracy and the pricing of the monitor are very good with 1080P screen resolution. This high-quality LG monitor has an ultra-widescreen resolution that provides the users the best visual experience.

Quick features:

  • Stunning design: The stunning design and high color accuracy, and color versatility make it a perfect pick for the users looking for a budget-friendly monitor for their daily use with 27-inch ultra-wide screen.
  • Panel technology: The monitor panel is packed with a stylish IPS panel that provides you a low blue light mode that provides safety to your eyes and provides you a flicker-free technology.
  • Ultra-narrow border: Its narrow border screen provides you maximum screen size that helps a lot, especially in multitasking and for ultra-HD video streaming.


  • Easy design
  • Advanced technology
  • Advance design
  • IPS technology
  • AMD free


  • Not provide 144HZ speed

6)-Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz (Best gaming monitor for GTX 970):

Best gaming monitor for GTX 970

Acer monitor provides you all the premium specifications that a monitor should have with its advanced IPS technology. Due to the latest modifications in this monitor is considered the best gaming monitor for GTX 970.

Its 27-inch ultra-wide screen provides the users a proper canvas for their multitasking, and they can play all the heavy games due to the powerful graphics of the monitor. The high screen color accuracy with a huge color range makes it a perfect option for professionals.

Quick features:

  • Wide spectrum: The ultra-wide screen with a wide color spectrum provides perfect color accuracy, making it an outstanding option with 99% Adobe color space with advanced technology.
  • Physical design: The lavish design of the monitor, along with an ultra-wide display, might be a spoiler alert for all the professionals out there. However, it provides an HDR display on the ultra-wide screen.
  • Eye comfort: The device provides you a highly adjustable back stand that can be adjusted according to the users’ requirements. It also helps in protecting your eyes as this monitor features blue light filter technology.


  • Sleek design
  • High screen brightness
  • IPS panel technology
  • High color range
  • Best compatible for GTX970


  • Fewer connectivity options


1) What is the best monitor setup for GTX 970?

For creating the best setup for your GTX 970, one should have a CPU of intel corei7 for heavy usage. The power supply of the device should come by 750W or more. It should have an ultra-wide setup of at least 30 inches or more. 

The screen resolution and color accuracy must be high and great as these features are on the top priority that can enhance a user’s experience in terms of gaming, editing, or multitasking.

2) What should be the display of the screen for GTX 970?

If you plan to set up the best monitor for GTX, then the screen resolution and display size should be very high. The screen should provide you a minimum resolution of 1080p. The best monitor for 1070 should have a screen display size of at least 27 inches. 

But when choosing a system for GTX 970, it is highly recommended to go for the screen size of 30 inches or even more according to the user’s requirement.

3) What type of panel is best for GTX 970?

At the current time, the TN panels are now replaced by the LCD. IPS panels are also very well known due to the advanced technology. Curved panels are now in the market because they provide you the maximum screen size and the best focus.

For professional use, curved panels are always preferred because they provide you the latest design, and they are quite unconventional than the usual designs in the market.

4) What are the advanced technology requirements for the GTX 970?

The advancement in the technology of your monitor will determine the use it. The inclusive technology of the monitors available provides you free Sync compatibility. For gaming use, both free Sync and G-sync technology is required. It provides you more smoothness in your games.

A blue light filter technology is also very important in advanced monitors because modern devices cause a lot of damage to your eyes. Blue light filters protect your eyes against any damage and also provide you comfort during your work.


In the market, monitors of all kinds with different specifications and features are available. If you are a professional gamer or a photographer, you can find the best for yourself. A suitable monitor should provide you best productivity along with enhanced photo quality.

Along with all the specifications, some monitors are available that provide great features at a suitable price so that you can set up a masterpiece for GTX 970 at a good budget price.

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