Best Monitor for Migraine Sufferers

People who work on a computer screen for long hours a day suffer from migraine and severe headache issues. This is due to poor monitor screens that deliver poor colors, clarity, and light. The blue light coming from the monitor can cause eye fatigue, strains, and tiredness, causing migraines and severe headaches. 

More extended use of a computer without a break can cause computer vision syndrome or CVS in short. And people who use computers daily are normally get affected by this. So it is true that monitors contribute to migraines and can induce headaches. So screen brightness is one of the major concerns that must be considered while choosing a monitor. 

People need to choose the right and best monitor who are suffering from migraine. This guide lists the top four monitors equipped with eye care technologies and low blue light. The flickering-free technology integrated into these monitors is used to improve viewing comfort. 

Moreover, the listed monitors have non-glare display surfaces and self-adjusting brightness features, which means you can adjust the screen’s brightness accordingly. Having the right monitor for migraine sufferers can reduce headaches and eye strain. This is the reason we have picked top models that are best for migraine and severe headaches issues. 

So check out the listing and choose the best model according to your needs and preferences:

Top 4 Best monitor for migraine sufferers Comparison Table:

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1)-ViewSonic VX2457-MHD (Editor Choice):

Best Computer Monitor For Migraine sufferers

It is indeed one of the best pocket-friendly gaming monitors that come with various incredible features and specs. It has a modern design that can grab the attention of most users. With its full HD resolution, you can get a good gaming experience. Plus, its FreeSync AMD technology is great in the sense of providing smooth frame rates to help you in battle. 

This model from the ViewSonic brand has a TN panel that offers the user technical advantages. Plus, its high response rate is great for gaming and fast-moving films, making it an ideal monitor for gamers. Additionally, its refresh rate of up to 75Hz provides excellent butter-smooth gameplay.

Quick Features:

  • AMD FreeSync Technology: With this innovative technology integrated into this monitor, there will be no image tearing, and you will get smooth frame rates. This technology can seamlessly synchronize the frame rate between your monitor and graphics card and provide smooth gameplay. 
  • Flicker-free technology: If you are already suffering from migraines, you need to replace your old monitor with this beast. It is referred to as the best computer monitor for migraine sufferers. Its flicker-free and blue light filter technology reduce the amount of blue.
  • Ultra-fast response time: This monitors claims of a 2ms response time, making it the best monitor for action-packed gaming and fast-moving films. In this way, it can reduce ghosting and motion blur that usually occur during fast-moving scenes.


  • AMD FreeSync included
  • Low input lag
  • Provide flexible connectivity
  • Wide variety of ports
  • Ultra-fast response time


  • Wobbly stand

2)-Philips 328E9FJAB (Best Curved Monitor For Eye Strain):

Best Curved Monitor For Eye Strain

Enhance your gaming experience with a curved monitor without compromising the quality and features. This monitor is the perfect addition to your gaming setup. This jumbo screen LED monitor of 32 inches is packed with terrific features that make it the best for gaming purposes. 

And you may face some kind of flickering on your old monitor screen, which causes eye fatigue. But with this monitor, you can regulate brightness as its flicker-free technology can reduce flickering and provide comfortable viewing, making it the best curved monitor for eye strain.

Quick Features:

  • VA panel: Plus, this monitor uses a VA panel technology that is well-known to give super-high static contrast ratios for every bright and vivid image. This technology makes this monitor suitable for photos, movies, gaming, web browsing, and graphical applications.
  • QHD image quality: Its curved screen comes with crystal-clear QHD image quality that gives a truly immersive experience to the users. Its high image quality brings your images alive. Plus, this monitor has a sleek and frameless design.
  • 5ms response time: It claims a 5ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate, make it suitable to anchor gaming rigs. With this fast response time and high refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync technology, you will get fluid and artifact-free performance.


  • Good responsiveness overall
  • Strong static contrast
  • Good color consistency
  • Provide strong detailings
  • Vibrant color


  • Limited ergonomic flexibility

3)-ASUS VY279HE (Best Monitor For Migraine Sufferers):

Best Monitor for Migraine Sufferers

ASUS presents a 27 inches monitor that is well-known as an eye care monitor. This beast from the ASUS brand is packed with incredible features that make it one of the best computer monitors. It comes with full HD resolution providing you with 1920 x 1080 pixels of clear and crisp picture quality. 

It uses AMD FreeSync technology specially integrated to eliminate tracing and guarantee a clear and crisp video playback. It has a frameless design that offers you some extra gaming perks, including a 1ms response time. Plus, it has improved the uniformity of both brightness, color, and design.

Quick Features:

  • Eye care technology: This monitor is designed to keep health and eye care in mind. ASUS VY279HE monitor features eye care and eye care plus technology known to reduce flickering on the screen to reduce eye fatigue and improve comfort level during long gaming sessions.
  • IPS panel: The 27 inches monitor is equipped with IPS panel technology that provides a palette of 16.7 million colors. It means you will enjoy stunning detailed photos and videos. Additionally, this IPS panel provides a 178-degree viewing angle to provide you with great image quality from all perspectives.
  • Antibacterial-treated monitor: It features a proprietary long-lasting antibacterial treatment on its hotkeys and bezel. This treatment can stop up to 99% of bacterial growth and keep the surface clean and bacteria-free.


  • Fantastic design
  • Robust connectivity
  • Ergonomic tilt
  • Affordable price


  • No height adjustment

4)-BenQ IPS Monitor (Best Monitor For Headaches):

best Monitor For Headaches

BenQ presents a 24 inches monitor is a sleek and elegant monitor uniquely built to satisfy your daily computing and gaming needs. It is a pocket-friendly model that never requires you to break the bank. 

This screen uses IPS panel technology that provides you with 1920 x 1080 pixels image quality. Plus, it has a space-saving design that doesn’t take up much space on your desk.

 Moreover, its flicker-free technology can reduce flickering and provide you with comfortable viewing. It means this screen reduces the chance of headaches as this is the best monitor for headaches.

Quick Features:

  • Thin bezel design: It comes with a 24 inches widescreen IPS display which further features thin bezels and a premium textured finishing. With this monitor, you will get a comfortable wide viewing angle.
  • Hidden Cable Compartment: The hidden cable management compartment in this monitor is specially designed to eliminate the mess of tangled wires. With this facility, you can hide all the wires inside the stand and bring out a clean look.
  • Two inbuilt speakers: Unlike traditional monitor models, this model comes with two inbuilt speakers integrated to provide you with high-quality bass and sound. With these speakers, you won’t need to attach external monitors.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Eliminate eye strain in an ambient light
  • Low input lag
  • Stunning HD display
  • Mountable


  • Tilt-only design


Well, this was about the best monitor for migraine sufferers. Although all the monitors are worth considering, if you are more concerned about your eyes health and already facing migraines, then ASUS VY279HE Eye Care Monitor would be the best possible option. It is equipped with multiple eye care technologies that can help in reducing headache chances, eye strain, and eye fatigue.

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