Best Monitor for RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 Super

You are here reading this article; it means that you have got your new graphic card RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti or RTX 2080 Super, and we know that you are now want to complete your built-up by having a new monitor. Buying the new monitor is not buying only a part, but the performance of that part matters.

Initially, you have to watch the graphic card that its requirements are, which you should look in a monitor. The RTX 2080 and its series is a high-end gaming graphic card. These graphic cards are regarded as the most powerful ones in terms of gaming. Having this one will give you a new level of gaming experience.  

Mostly it is thought that the high-performance monitor is needed for such graphic cards, but it’s a big NO because you need a high-resolution monitor too in this regard. You should select the monitor that can easily fulfill the RTX 2080 graphic card requirements, as you know that handling such a graphic card is not that easy.

So don’t get frustrated while finding the best monitor; we are here to provide you the best monitors for RTX 2080 graphic cards in the market. After reading the complete article, we are sure you will choose the perfect monitor for your certain graphic card. 

So let’s get started!

Top 6 Best monitor for RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 Super:

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1)-SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 (Best monitor for RTX 2080):

Best monitor for rtx 2080

This monitor is considered the most versatile monitor with great performance in the gaming world. This model is available in two sizes so that you can get which one suits you the best. This monitor works out amazingly great with any RTX 2080 graphic card to give you the experience of real game play.

The high refresh rate and response time make the perfect combo in terms of great gaming in any battle of your gaming station, so does the Samsung G7 for sure. The monitor is usually seen as a well-built product, but there is one flaw: the monitor’s 1000R aggressive curve.

Quick features:

  • WQHD resolution: The monitor’s screen with WQHD resolution can give you 1.7 times higher pixel density, providing incredible, detailed, and perfect images on the screen.
  • Infinity core lighting: This one is regarded as the striking addition to any monitor for sure. It will give you outstanding designs of visual, making this monitor number one in this technology.
  • Rapid refresh rate: The high refresh rate of 240 Hz makes it a perfect choice to compatible with RTX 2080 graphic card. The high refresh rate offers you smooth and perfect gameplay for sure.


  • Great contrast ratio
  • Outstanding gradient handling
  • Best response time
  • Free-Sync support


  • Narrow viewing angles

2)-Viotek SUW49DA 49-inch Super Ultrawide monitor:

Best monitor for nvidia rtx 2080

This monitor is the best monitor for Nvidia RTX 2080 because it offers a big widescreen with great color contrast compared to other monitors. The gaming experience with this monitor is unexceptional, with a good refresh rate. You will get the real feel after using this monitor for your gameplay.

The large display keeps you from handling the dual monitor setup that most gamers use to make a great gaming battle station. So you can say that this monitor proves to be a great choice for gaming and productivity. So you must consider this option for sure.

Quick features:

  • All-in-one solution: This monitor offers you to replace your dual monitor setup and place this big and massive monitor on your desk efficiently packed with great productivity and connectivity.
  • Dual QHD display: With the high resolution of this monitor, you can easily dive into the sea of great colors with the phenomenal delivery of the images on the screen. The RGBs are vibrant and rich than before.
  • Optimized play and win: This monitor is especially regarded as a high-end gaming monitor because of its gaming-centric features, which will help you focus on the game and win.


  • Great contrast ratio
  • Very handy to use
  • Big color gamut
  • Outstanding accuracy


  • Gamma is very light
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3)-Asus Rog Swift PG35VQ (Best monitor for RTX 2080 Ti ):

Best Monitor For RTX 2080 Ti

If you search for a balanced monitor between big screen and performance, this model from the ASUS Company offers you such a great option. This monitor is considered the best monitor for RTX 2080 Ti among other monitors in the market. This monitor can give you everything you want in your gaming monitor.

In terms of features and performance, this monitor makes a perfect combination of it. You can easily play the graphic demanding games on this monitor because of its high-quality built-up. It is specially designed for gamers who want a big screen but don’t want to compromise over performance.

Quick features:

  • Quantum dot technology: The monitor comes up with great innovation of quantum dot, which offers you the cinema-standard color gamut that gives the real, bright, and vibrant colors over the screen.
  • Eye care technology: Hardcore gamers usually face eye fatigue or strain because of the high usage of the monitor. Still, eye care technology lessens eye fatigue, so you can play easily without stressing your eyes.
  • Ergonomic design: The monitor’s design and stand are very ergonomic and give you many adjustments according to your preference. This monitor allows tilt, swivel, and adjust the height features with ease & comfort.


  • Big screen
  • Outstanding performance
  • Best for gaming
  • High picture quality


  • A bit pricy

4)-ASUS TUF  (Best monitor for RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 Super):

Best monitor for RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 Super

This monitor is one of the most impressive monitors with a 27-inch screen and great gaming performance in the market. The IPS panel of the monitor gives you great viewing angles. Additionally, it gives you the true responsive experience of gaming due to low input lag. The high refresh rate also boosts the performance.

The model’s name explains that it will give you accurate performance in the high-demanding games as the monitor is specially introduced for the gamers. The screen’s high resolution gives you a more detailed viewing of the game images on the screen. But one flaw is that in a dark room, it looks grey.

Quick features:

  • Extremely low motion Blur Sync: If you have this monitor, you can easily enable this technology during the gameplay, which can erase the ghosting or tear of the screen while you play.
  • Multi HDR mode: In terms of viewing scenarios, you can adjust or select the HDR performance mode of the monitor from multiple modes technology. It will give you the high quality of the screen.
  • Shadow boost: This feature in the monitor can clear the game’s dark areas without exposing bright areas. It gives you the convenience of spot enemies hiding.


  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • Great response time
  • Very low input lag
  • Good performance


  • Cant display dark black

5)-Alienware 1900R (Best gaming monitor for RTX 2080 super):

Best Gaming Monitor For RTX 2080 Super

The ultra-wide monitors are considered the best choice for gamers, but when you go to the market to buy the monitor with immersive gaming performance, only a few can stand up with it. This monitor is one of them and can be regarded as the best gaming monitor for RTX 2080 super in the whole market.

This curved monitor is not perfect for gamers and does well for people who want to reach high-end productivity levels using the RTX 2080 graphic card. This monitor falls in reasonably priced monitors with great quality features and performance in the gameplay.

Quick features:

  • Iconic design: Having this monitor on your desk will give you the proper focus over the work or game you play. The ultra-thin three-sided bezel design makes it iconic among other models in the market.
  • Plug and play: This monitor has multiple connectivity options, which gives you access to the easy setup. So you can be able to connect your monitor anywhere any time you want.
  • Custom lighting effects: This monitor comes up with customizable lighting effects that help you beg closer to the world of dynamic lighting effects in the battle zone of the game.


  • best for gaming
  • value good for the money
  • affordable price
  • very immersive


  • some dead pixel issues

6)-LG 27GL83A-B (Best monitor for RTX 2080 Super):

Best Monitor For RTX 2080 super

This monitor is the best monitor for gaming purposes because of its low input lag and great response time, providing real, crisp images on the screen. It delivers the proper and accurate tear-free gaming during the gameplay. Moreover, you can play high-end games with ease.

It comes up with broad viewing and outstanding peak brightness, making it perfect in every type of environment. The size, along with the resolution of this monitor, is good, which makes it a good choice to choose for people who want a medium model. But one flaw is that it looks grey in the darkroom.

Quick features:

  • Fluid gaming motion: The high and fast speed refresh rate of about 144 Hz of this monitor gives you a smooth and buttery flow of motion without tearing or ghosting during the battle gameplay.
  • Attack first in the dark: Mostly, the gamers face sniper hiding in the dark in the game but having this monitor enables you to kill the enemy hiding in the dark with quick escape too in the game.
  • IPS Display: The IPS panel of the monitor provides a great color gamut and full HD result on the screen to get a high resolution compatible with RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Super, making it the best monitor for RTX 2080 super.


  • Excellent low input lag
  • Outstanding brightness
  • Great response time
  • Good out-of-box accuracy


  • Poor black uniformity


The time to wrap up the article into the bottom line has come. All the products that we mentioned in the list are great and the best in their way. The best gaming monitor for RTX 2080 Ti is the ASUS Rog swift, giving you great performance and top-notch features. Moreover, it can be easily compatible with the RTX 2080 graphic card.

No matter which product you choose, we just hope that you get the one you always longed for, and the chosen product will not disappoint you in any way. We provide you the correct reviewed products to make your decision to select easily in those graphic cards. 

Best of luck!

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