Best Monitor For RX 480 and RX 580

The RX 480 is an 8 GB graphic card that is specially made for gaming purposes. If you have this card on your monitor, it will give you an extreme performance to enjoy gaming’s real experience.

The AMD Radeon RX 480 graphic card is famous because of its great and efficient work in games. It gives access to the games of 1440p in the best way to enjoy the latest games this time. 

The best thing about RX 480 is that it is very compatible with almost every type of gaming monitor. This graphic card can make up the combo with the monitor and give you the pleasure of real gaming on the battlefield.

Once you buy the RX 480 GPU, your next concern will be the monitor, which will cop up with this graphic card in the perfect way. This is a difficult yet challenging task to do for sure because the market is overflowing with the different brands of gaming monitors.

Today, we will provide you the best monitors for the Rx 480 to help you choose the best for you by keeping different things in mind. So without wasting much time, let’s get into it!

Top 4 Best monitors for Rx 480 and RX 580 Comparison Table:

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1)-ASUS TUF (Best Monitor For RX 480):

Best Monitor For Rx 480

There is a name for the ASUS monitors; that’s why they introduced the finest gaming monitor, which is perfectly paired up with the Rx 480 graphic card. The name of the monitor tells that this is specially created for the gamers who play hardcore gaming. The image quality on the display screen is also very fine and good.

The thing that attracts the gamers is the refresh rate, and this monitor’s refresh rate is very high, which means that you can play gaming with buttery type flow without any flickering or tearing. The large screen also doubles up the fun experience of gaming with such amazing features. If you have this one on your table, you will not be disappointed.

Quick features:

  • High screen resolution: The resolution of the screen matters a lot for the nerds of gaming especially. So don’t worry, this monitor’s screen resolution is high, which gives a great experience.
  • High flying design: The design of the monitor makes it more dynamic and frantic for the gamers. It gives you the looks of a fighter that provides the game with original feels while playing on it.
  • Eye care technology: This monitor comes up with the feature of eye care technology built inside to reduce your eye strain and fatigue. It also protects your eyes from excessive light.


  • high refresh rate
  • bright screen
  • No screen tearing
  • Clean display
  • Adjustable stand


  • Not very good HDR technology

2)-Samsung CRG5 (Best 27 inch Monitor For RX 480):

Best 27 inch Monitor For RX 480

If you really likes the curved monitors more than the ordinary ones, then this is the best option for you to choose. It improves your setup of desktop with its immersive design and outstanding performance. It is build up to give you the best experience of the latest games by making the perfect combo of refresh rate and Nvidia free sync.

The highest refresh rate with a curved screen will make the setup more significant and elegant. Moreover, your gaming and gameplay enhance as there will be no flickering or splitting, etc.; the performance with such features will make sure that your gaming world becomes the best and the perfect one among other competitors of the game you play.

Quick features:

  • 1500R curved screen: The highly rounded screen covers more areas of your vision for sure. The 1500R curved screen will help you a lot in maintaining your viewing angles and reducing eye strain.
  • High contrast ratio: The 3000:1 ratio of the contrast of the screen will enable you to see your enemies in the game with more clarity, even in the scenarios of darkness.
  • Multiple game modes: The monitor is specially created for gamers as they provide the different modes of gaming that you can select before the gameplay according to your preference.


  • Highest refresh rate
  • Deeply curved screen
  • Multiple inputs
  • Built-in game modes
  • Best for RX 480


  • Sometimes ghosting occurs

3)-LG 27GL850-B (Best Monitor For RX 480 and RX 580):

Best Monitor For RX 480 and RX 580

This monitor is regarded as the phenomenal one in the market because it is the one that broke down the barrier of the pixel of response time in the IPS displays. It provides top-notch quality to its consumers in a very way. The best and noticeable thing about this monitor is that they deliver what they say in their description. You can say it best in its way.

On the other hand, if we talk about the other important things like image quality or performance etc. It gives you everything which you want on your gaming monitor. The image quality is amazing, and the manufacturers also enhance the performance. One drawback is that an IPS glow causes some problems while playing games on this monitor.

Quick features:

  • Black stabilizer: By having the ordinary features on the side, this monitor has the useful one known as a black stabilizer, enhancing the visibility in the dark places of the game you play.
  • Crosshair feature: This feature brings the advantage of accuracy in your game you play on this monitor. It gives you the precision of the high level in the gameplay, especially in the shooter games.
  • Elegant design: Having this monitor on your table will improve the gaming experience with eye-catching looks and design it. The design is virtually borderless, which is amazing.


  • Broad color gamut
  • G-sync compatibility
  • Rapid response time
  • Rich connectivity options
  • Ergonomic design


  • No swivel options

4)-AOC C32G1 (Frameless monitor For RX 480 Graphics card):

Best Monitor For RX 480 Graphics Card

This monitor is a good option for consumers who have a fixed budget. It delivers a large and curved screen display. You can regard this one as the best large-screen display at such a reasonable price in the market for sure. If you are new then don’t want to invest much money, this will work out as a double-edged sword.

The resolution and image quality are fine for simple gaming and movies, but you should need a graphic card with a wide range to run those games if you want to play high-end games. The quality is not very high, but it is not very low. This monitor can be considered as the average monitor with average price, performance, and features.

Quick features:

  • No flickering: The monitor is designed so that the DC back-lightening lessens the flickering, decreasing the strain of your eyes and fatigue. You can play games freely.
  • Immersive experience: The curved screen at such a price provides a great experience of gaming. Moreover, it wraps up the center of the action, which gives a fine quality of gameplay for sure.
  • 1800R curved: The more curved, the more your visibility increases on the screen. The 1800R enhances the screen display of the monitor by making it completely and deeply rounded.


  • AMD free sync
  • Smart looks
  • Average color quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Great contrast levels


  • No USB ports
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Frequently asked Questions:

Does the RX 480 support the 144 Hz of refresh rate?

If you have the RX 480 GPU in your hand, then the 144 Hz of the refresh rate of the monitor you choose will work out perfectly. Different refresh rates are available in the gaming monitors, which can easily cop up with the Rx 480 graphic card for sure.

It is ideal that you choose the one with a high refresh rate because the high refresh rate is one of the basic things that a gaming monitor requires with such a graphic card. So if you have the budget, then buy the higher one.

Which one is better; RX 580 or RX 480 graphic card?

The RX 580 is an upgraded version of the RX 480 graphic card released just ten months ago in the market. The manufacturers improved the build-up and the other functions and aimed to make it better than ever before.

The RX 480 is good enough in its way but if you want to buy the upgraded version, then go buy yourself that one. I can recommend you the best monitor which can easily combine with any of those. The Samsung CRG5 is the best monitor for RX 580.

Is the RX 480 can handle two monitors or more?

Yes, the Rx 480 can handle the two monitors simultaneously, but it has one condition before combining the dual setup. It is that you can connect the dual monitors with RX 480 but only with non-display port outputs.

Whereas, if you want to set up more than two monitors with this graphic card, it will surely cause problems. The dual setup can run very easily and greatly with Rx 480 graphic card, but more than two didn’t work out great.


Now you know that a good graphic card requires a good monitor, and you can say it vice versa. That’s why it is very significant to select the best option to do justice to others and make a perfect combination. 

So, we have provided you the best monitors and tried to help you choose the one you want. But if you want the expert’s recommendation, the best one among them is Samsung 27 inches CRG5 monitor. This curvy one can be considered the best monitor for the RX 480 8GB. 

No matter which one you choose, we just hope that it will never disappoint you. 

Best of luck!

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