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Nowadays, more people prefer to work from home, and the writers, whether they work from home or office, they spend most of their time in front of laptop screens or monitors. But it is not easy to sit at the screen for prolonged hours as it starts irritating your eyes.

Bad and poor resolution monitors cannot provide you a comfortable viewing experience as it will start making your eyesight weaker. So having the right and ideal monitor is able to enhance your writing experience.

The monitor for writers is able to deliver more clear texts and make the reader able to read the screen more easily. If you keep using the bad monitor that displays blur texts on the screen, surely your eyesight will worsen.

Of course, you need a monitor that should deliver high resolution, must display clear texts, and it must be equipped with the eyecare technologies to keep your eyes safe. We have mentioned six best monitors for writers so that you don’t need to go anywhere in search of the ideal monitors for your writing needs.

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1)-BenQ IPS GW2480 (Best computer monitor for writing):

If you want an affordable monitor that can satisfy your daily computing needs, then BenQ 24 inches GW2480 is the best model to purchase. You will surely appreciate this feature-packed display that offers you a space-saving IPS screen with HD resolution. 

So if writing is your profession and you want an affordable but high-quality monitor, this is the best computer monitor for writing.

The BenQ model GW2480 also great in providing a fast response time of 5ms that guarantees zero prominent ghosting and trailing of movie objects. Plus, its wide viewing angle of 178-degrees is an excellent addition that ensures a comfortable viewing angle.

Quick Features

  • Slim bezel Design: This 24 inches HD screen with IPS panel technology come with thin bezels and premium textured finish. Plus, it comes with a hidden system of cable management that can eliminate the mess of wires on the table.
  • Two inbuilt speakers: With this monitor, you will not need any external speakers to attach with it to get some audio effects. This solid monitor has built-in two powerful speakers that deliver high-quality audio sound to enhance your experience. 
  • Flicker-Free technology: This technology is used in most of the monitors as it aids in reducing the flickering and display smooth images. It perfectly makes the flickering zero at all levels of brightness, and its eye saver mode minimizes eye strain and headache.



2)-LG 32MP58HQ-P (Best monitor for writers):

This monitor from the LG company excels in the media consumption as well as in the gaming features. It has a 32 inches big screen that allows you to do your work more efficiently and quickly. 

Its full HD resolution presents more clear picture quality. Plus, this monitor comes with the IPS panel technology that is great for providing excellent color accuracy.

If we talk about its design, this monitor has a clean finishing that can blend into any room without standing out. Additionally, its arc stand is able to take a little space on your desk; it means; it is able to save a lot of space on your table.

Quick Features

  • Full HD resolution: With the full high-definition resolution of 1920 x 1080p, you will enjoy a clear and crisp picture quality. In addition to it, its In-Plane Switching technology offers improved color reproduction and performance of liquid crystal displays. 
  • Split Screen 2.0: This monitor is great for multitasking, as you can do multiple tasks at one time. Its split-screen technology allows you to do reading and writing at once by just clicking the mouse and adjust the settings according to your needs. 
  • Reader mode: It features a reader mode in this monitor, which makes it the best monitor for reading documents. This reading mode is designed in such a way that it reduces blue light to minimize eye strain and provides optimal conditions for reading.



3)-ASUS Designo Curve MX38VC (Best 4k monitor for writing):

If you’re on the hunt for an ultra-wide curved display that comes with an IPS panel, then this one gets the job done. This ultra-wide display delivers a QHD resolution of 3840 x 1600 pixels that is excellent in providing 21% of more on-screen space. 

This resolution provides nearly the same result as of 4K resolution so that you can consider it the best 4k monitor for writing.

This modern monitor supports Bluetooth connectivity, so you quickly connect your smartphone with this monitor and enjoy your favorite music. Plus, its flicker-free technology is designed to provide eyecare as it reduces flicker to offer a comfortable viewing experience.

Quick Features

  • Curved screen: This beautiful giant screen of 37.5 inches is a curved monitor. This 2300R curved screen comes with a QHD resolution along with a 21:9 aspect ratio that combines and offers a wider screen and a 178-degree wide and clear view. 
  • Qi wireless charger: This is the standout feature of this monitor, which makes it unique. The Qi wireless charging dock built into the base allows automatic fast charging for the Qi-compatible devices. Simply place your Qi-compatible device on it, and it will start charging it. 
  • Harman Kardon speakers: The audio from this monitor is provided by two powerful 10W stereo speakers, which are certified by Harman Kardon. This speaker system in this monitor is surprisingly good that provides good volume with sufficient clarity and bass.



4)- Asus VZ239H-W (Best monitor for writing and reading Text):

This is an LED-backlit display that comes with full HD resolution to give you the clear, crisp, and vivid picture quality. ASUS presents this monitor for those who want an average size monitor to do writing and editing work.

 You will get surprised to hear that this monitor never burdens your wallet as it comes with a budget-friendly price tag. 

It has a slim frameless design that features a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees so that you can easily view the screen with more comfort. It also features an on-screen display that allows you to adjust all the settings from the OSDmenu’s comforts.

Quick Features

  • Eyecare technology: The addition of this fantastic feature ensures a comfortable viewing experience that can eliminate the eye strain and headache even after several hours of use. The flicker-free technology reduces flicker and provides smooth images on the screen.
  • High contrast ratio: This monitor has an IPS panel display screen that delivers an astonishing contrast ratio of  80,000,000:1 so that you can enjoy a true bright image of the dark colors. This display screen offers pretty impressive colors. 
  • Space-saving design: This frameless design IPS display comes with an ultra-slim profile that measures merely 7mm at its thinnest point. It means this monitor doesn’t take much space on your table and saves much of your tablespace.



5)- Acer CB242Y bir (Best monitor for reading documents):

This is a multipurpose monitor that you can use for multiple uses such as programming, gaming, reading, as well as writing. Its is a feature-rich monitor that includes full HD resolution, static contrast ratio, and 250 nits of brightness, offers you to do multiple works of your choice, and that is why it is the best monitor for content creation.

This monitor’s outstanding feature is that the AMD FreeSync technology controls the frame rate of this monitor. This feature makes it the best monitor for gaming, as this technology is used to reduce stuttering. Including the Visual Boost Technology ensures 1ms of fast response time.

Quick Features

  • AMD Free-Sync: This monitor is not only best for writers, but it is also the best gaming monitor that features an AMD Free-Sync technology. This technology is used to change the refresh rate to reduce screen stuttering and tearing.
  • Visual Response Boost Technology: This technology is also referred to as motion blur reduction. It specified 1ms of the quick response time and strobed the backlight of fast-moving objects for smoother fast-paced motion. 
  • Ergonomic Stand: The Acer CB242Y has a sleek and decent design that comes with an ergonomic stand. This outstanding stand is easy to adjust as it is adjustable enough to find the perfect position. It can tilt, swivel, adjustable height, and also it is VESA compatible.



6)- Sceptre Curved (Best Monitor For Professionals):

Sceptre presents a curved 27 inches monitor, which is thin and sleek in design. This monitor has everything that you expect to get in an affordable monitor of curved design. 

The IPS panel, curved screen, and premium design make this monitor quite an impressive one. The IPS panel is responsible for delivering smooth images and excellent color accuracy.

Plus, this monitor delivers a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is great to display quality visuals. It is ideal for a basic gaming need and perfect for office use. And its 1800R curved screen offers a thrilling experience.

Quick Features

  • Blue light shift technology: This technology is great to reduce eye fatigue and headache, as well as. This blue light shift technology is responsible for reducing blue light. So you are fully allowed to enjoy movies, videos and do your work without straining your eyes.
  • 1800R curvature: Its 1800R curvature enables a comfortable viewing angle that lets the user see the screen easily. This curvature maximizes visibility and immerses the user in it while playing games or doing some other kind of work. 
  • Multiple ports: More connectivity options give more opportunities to connect multiple devices. It includes HDMI and VGA ports to match your diverse and changing preferences. So you can easily and quickly connect different devices.




What Do The Writers Needs in their Displays?

The writer’s need varies from person to person, but all the writers need some common features in their monitors. The monitor’s screens must be easy on the eyes and have a comfortable size. 

Reducing eye strain and fatigue must be the main objective of your monitor that you select for your writing purpose. Many features are used to reduce eye strain and fatigue, including flicker-free technology, blue light filters, anti-glare, and reader mode.

Which size monitor is best for writer small or wide monitor?

Bigger size screens are better for all types of working needs as the big screen offers you a bigger display and lets you comfortably see the content. But it totally depends on each writer’s personal preference as the 24 inches display to let you sit close to your work desk.

If you go for some larger size models, it will appear larger texts on the screen and comfortably read and write the screen’s texts. But the bigger the screen size is, the more it will cost.


Factors to consider before buying the best monitor for writing:

Easy on the eyes:

This is the most important consideration while purchasing a monitor for writing purposes. The easier on the eyes it will be, the more you get a comfortable viewing experience. Some important technologies are:

  • Flicker-free screens: It is great to reduce flickering to reduce eye strain.
  • Blue light filters: This technology is used to reduce harmful blue light, which may cause eye fatigue.
  • Anti-glare: These types of screens avoid light reflection and minimizes glare from light sources.
  • Reader mode: This mode in the monitor that allows you to adjust the settings to get the most comfortable display automatically.

Most of the writers want to adjust the monitor according to their own comfort. So if you are one of those, you must get a monitor with an ergonomic stand. The ergonomic stand means it will be adjusted according to the need of the user.
It must tilt, swivel, height-adjustable, and rotatable into portrait mode so that the writer can adjust the monitor to get the monitor’s most comfortable position.


You should not settle for less than full HD resolution because full HD resolution will deliver a clear image and text quality so that the writer can view the texts clearly and efficiently. The resolution of full HD is enough that will allow you to fit two A4 sized documents side by side on an average size monitor. 

WQHD or 4k resolution monitors are some other models that deliver more clear and crisp visual quality. But the more resolution is, the more it will cost. And these resolutions come in larger screens and bigger size monitors.

Screen Size:

Bigger size screens are great for writers to read off without straining your eyes. This is not so important for a writer, but a bigger screen is comfortable to view texts clearly. The screen sizes vary as the small screen size is 24 inches that are comfortable to view when you sit close to it. 

The most common sizes of the monitors are 24 inches and 27 inches. There are many other larger screens available in the market. But we recommend you to go for 27 inches screen.

Panel type:

There are three most common panel display technologies used in monitors that offer you a good viewing experience. 

  • IPS panel: In-plane switching panel technology is great for writers as it provides the best viewing angles and is great in color reproduction.
  • VA panel: Vertical alignment panels are great for providing the best contrast ratio as well as for providing a good viewing angle. 
  • TN panel: Twisted nematic panels are known for providing fast response time, and these are the cheapest of all.


Whether you want to read the documents or write new documents, you must have a monitor that can deliver text clarity. These all are great for writing purposes as well as for reading.
These are equipped with features suitable for prolonged use of monitors. In this listing, the best of all the models is the LG 32MP58HQ-P 32-Inch. This is great for delivering full HD resolution, and it has a reader mode.

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