Best Resolution For 27-Inch Monitor

Any monitor is the best amalgamation of its size and resolution. Both contents contribute a lot to its attractiveness. For a 27-inch monitor, a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels works best.

Monitor Resolutions -A Quick Guide

  • Resolution is a collection of multiple pixels joined horizontally and vertically on a screen. When we light up a screen, these pixels illuminate to form a colorful display on a monitor screen. The specific number of pixels fixed for a screen is its resolution.
  • Every monitor is accommodated with a specific number of pixels called native resolution. A monitor can support multiple resolutions, but the resolutions should be within the limit of native resolution. For a 27-inch monitor, a resolution of 1440p is defined as best.
  • A top-notch monitor with high resolution can benefit your work and gaming experience. This efficiency is because you choose a desirable monitor with a desirable framerate.
  • On the other hand, one can use graphic cards to enhance the FPS rate on their monitor.

What is the best resolution for 27-inch monitor?

A top-notch combination of monitor size and resolution amaze you with the quality of work. A better display with a bigger size helps the people who deal with multitasking in their daily lives.

On a bigger screen, we can operate multiple windows at a time. This monitor size is quite helpful for people dealing with stock trading, gamers, and even in-office use. For this, we must consider and search about the size and resolution of the monitor before we buy one.

While buying, many people mistakenly go for HD and Full HD. An HD screen has a resolution of 1080p, which makes a big difference while watching. A resolution of 1080p is suitable for all the monitor sizes between 21 to 24 inches. With a resolution of 1920×1080p, we see that many black boxes appear between the pixels grid, affecting the quality of display.

A resolution of 2560×1440p is considered best so far for a 27-inch or bigger size monitor. The display depends on the resolution and the distance from which we can get a better view. Here are some factors, which affect the quality of display on monitors.

  1. Screen format
  2. Brightness level
  3. Image quality
  4. Pixels
  5. Uniformity
  6. Viewing angle
  7. Distance from screen

Best 27-inch monitors with a resolution of 2560×1440p

Be conscious of getting a 1440p 27-inch monitor for precise results. For better adjustment, a good monitor will have a small bazel and VESA mount. Some highly recommended and best selling 27-inch monitors on amazon are :

1. S-Series 27-Inch S2719DGF:

  • A massive and highly demanded monitor among users.
  • Available with a VESA mount, an adjustable stand, and more than ten input ports.
  • Programmers, stock traders, videographers, and editors love to work on it.

2. U2717D IPS 27-Inch Ultrasharp Infinity Edge:

  • This top-notch monitor slim and amazing monitor is a favorite among gamers and highly praised by its users.
  • It is available with a VESA mount, adjustable stand, and three input ports.

3. ASUS MX27AQ 27-inch:

  • This amazing and smart-looking monitor is from the best brand ASUS.
  • The monitor is available without any stand and VESA mount, but still, it is the buyer’s choice due to its slim design.

4. ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD 27-inch:

  • It is high quality and affordable monitor.
  •  It comes with a VESA mount, four ports, and a big screen.
  • It is high in demand among users.

5. Dell Ultrasharp 27-inch USB-C Monitor:

  • This 27-inch monitor has five input ports with provided cables in the box.
  • It is easy to set up and gives a bright display.
  • It has a USB-C to connect multiple monitors in a chain.

6. Acer XG270HU:

  • This monitor provides the best visuals to its users with increased work efficiency.
  • It operates fast, gives smooth images, and free sync to work without any screen tearing.


1-How 1080p look on the 27-inch monitor?

A close view is necessary for this pixel because a 27-inch monitor will be bigger for this resolution.

2-Which size is suitable for a resolution of 1440p?

The best combination of size and resolution gives the best display. For a resolution of 1440p, a 27-inch monitor is best to have.

3-How much distance should we keep while viewing a 27-inch monitor with 1440p?

It is preferred to sit more than 3 feet away from a 27-inch monitor to get a better view and avoid eyestrain.

4-Why should we choose a 27-inch monitor?

To occupy the space on your desk, a 27-inch monitor is ideal. And for a 27-inch monitor, a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels is considered ideal.

Is QHD suitable for a 27-inch monitor?

The ideal resolution for a 27-inch monitor is QHD i-e 2560×1440p. A 27-inch monitor is considered good for gaming. Almost all games run on QHD, and we find no difference in the framerate. It is popular among gamers who love to play on wider screens without compromising quality.

By keeping QHD in consideration, it is affordable to get and cheaper than a 4k resolution monitor. We get modified and versatile monitors with great response time and a high refresh rate with this revolution.

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