Best second monitor for streaming

Streaming is the highest vogue in the gaming industry. Most famous streamers that have countless people watching, commenting in live stream, whether you are the gamer, artist, and musician through streaming, you shared the ideas, work progress, and the life stuff with myriad people.

One single monitor is not enough for gaming and video streaming in this digital era, especially when you need twitch streaming. One primary monitor can be used for playing games, and the second can be used for multitasking, other tasks like web browsing, watching videos, and additional information about the game.

The dual-monitor screen’s supremacy usage is to multiple processing without lacking your interest; consequently, if you are the racing game player, you have no time to stop the game and do another task like browsing, searching, and watching videos. Therefore, the Second monitor screen is the best option for this function.

You must choose the monitor screen to provide you with the best viewing angle, give a more realistic view, and make the streaming easy. For this purpose, we are here to gives you the top best cheap second monitors for streaming. That will help you show of hands the dual monitors for your multitasking purposes. Have a look at them:

The 7 best second monitor for streaming Comparison Table:

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1)- LG 27UL500-W – Best monitor for streaming:


LG 27UL500-W is the right choice for the computer monitor for With the excellent accuracy of a color display, vivid image with full details, this monitor is the right choice for the editing of designing work. 27 inches screen size with 3840 *2160 resolution of 4k has a massive density of 163PPI. It supports 10-bit color depth with dithering and an sRGB color spectrum of 98% gamut, which shows anything’s true colors.streaming because it has all the features that need any streaming monitor. This monitor’s refreshing rate is 60 Hz, which means the minor delay won’t be noticeable between fast-moving objects.

The build-in feature of this monitor name” OnScreen Control.” The brightness of 300cd (type) / 240cd(Min) Allows you to do the various setting of the picture, like brightness, contrast, etc. LG 27UL500-W has a “split-screen.” It helps multitask by splitting the window into different layouts. Some extra features are exposed below for a better understanding.

Quick features:

  • Color calibrated: its color calibration part helps maintain the actual colors on the screen and prevents the system from gradually changing.
  • On-screen display: The 5-way joystick placed on the bottom bezel of the screen will help you work efficiently and control it. Amusingly organized the menu of OSD.
  • Gaming related feature: black stabilizer that can improve the clarity of the objects that have the shadow of this feature
  • Sleek design: screen and stand can be detached, the screen can be mounted on another frame using a 100*100 VESA pattern.


  • Affordable
  • Impressive quality
  • 4k resolution
  • Durable


  • Tilt only design

2)- Dell S-Series 27-Inch (Our Top Pick):


You don’t need the expensive monitors for the high-performance gaming monitors for a good gaming experience because Dell provides you with the best budget monitor for streaming. It gives you a high refresh rate with low impact. a low contrast ratio, and lacks HDR support but provides you with better contrast and dynamic range with a brighter image.

Multiple slots give you easy connectivity and a convenient access interface for simultaneous entertainment; you can easily connect multiple devices at once. Eleven types of slots are security slots, HDMI 1.4 port, HDMI 2.0 port, USB upstream port, USB downstream port, headphone port, and a USB BC .2 charging port.

The fast refresh rate of 155Hz provides you with the Sharpe graphics and AMD Free sync for high-quality visual. Other essential features of the Dell S-Series have been explained in detail. Please have a look at them for better understanding.

Quick features:

  • Ergonomics: Dell monitors provide you with the best ergonomics; you can easily adjust the height, pivot, and tilt your screen according to your comfortable position for a long-play game.
  • Durable design: the screen has the recon blue metallic finish for a unified look and anti-glare, matte treatment. The screen can be elevated up to 130mm, pivot by +/-90 degrees, and swivel by +/-45 degrees.
  • Easy shortcuts: hotkeys are easily navigated and used in the OSD menu. These keys are preset, dark stabilizer, menu, switching the monitor, exit, and free sync.
  • Personalized shortcuts: you can easily change and assigned the functioning of hotkeys according to your feasibility by OSD menu, like volume, aspect ratio, and input source.


  • Fast response speed
  • Adjustable stand
  • ADM free sync
  • Low input lag
  • Multiple ports/ slots


  • Bad dark room performance

3)- ASUS TUF VG279QM – (Best second monitor for streaming):

Best second monitor for streaming

ASUS TUF VG279QM has outstanding gaming performance. It provides a wide viewing angle with low contrast but relatively high contrast than traditional monitors. With Multiple HDR display modes, the viewing performance can be adjusted.

When you are playing games and streaming for too many hours, its flicker-free technology provides you with comfortable viewing, minimizes eyestrain, and reduces the flicker. ASUS TUF has extensive connectivity options, including HDMI 2.0*2, headphone jack, and display port.

A high refresh rate of 280 Hz delivers a fast response rate and has outstanding ergonomics. The seven display modes of visual game technology optimized the visual of different types of content. By using hotkeys and an on-screen display menu, you can easily access this option. The exclusive integrated game plus feature allows you to improve your gaming skills. Some other critical factors of ASUS TUF discuss below in more detail that would help choose the streaming monitor.

Quick features:

  • Dynamic shadow boost: overall viewing result of dark areas in gaming mode is increases by ASUS dynamic shadow boost technology; it clarifies dark areas and spots hidden places.
  • Extreme Low motion blur sync: ELMB sync and adaptive sync make high frame rates while playing and make the visual comfortable, eliminating the sharp tearing and ghosting.
  • Ultra blue light technology: ASUS uses ultra-blue light technology to protect the eyes and reduce the screen’s rays and harmful to the eyes.
  • Certified NVIDIA G sync: NVIDIA GeForce, 20 series graphics card, gives you a seamless gaming experience with the variable refresh rate technology.


  • Best response time
  • Good ergonomics
  • Rich connectivity options
  • Multi HDR mode
  • The accurate image at an angle


  • High input lag 60Hz

4)- Acer SB220Q – (Best vertical monitor for streaming):


Acer SB220Q is best vertical monitor for streaming with a 1080p 75Hz refresh rate IPS display. The most affordable option with good color accuracy and more color option, with good grayscale performance. Like other computer monitors for streaming, this budget monitor doesn’t have a USB port. Its sleek bezel-free design gives you connectivity in two video inputs.

Acer offers a picturesque setting with blue light adjustments, IPS has a non-reflective coating screen. Like most streaming budget monitors, an acre has substantial space and high performance than others. It is an excellent choice for vertical monitors that are used for streaming. Ultra thing design takes less space and comfortability.

It even includes the AMD free sync, with excellent color quality and general productivity. Like other second monitors, this also has a flicker-free monitor screen. Some other comforting features of a low budget streaming monitor of Acer are explained below:

Quick features:

  • Wide viewing angle: advanced technology of liquid crystal provides high viewing at any angle with no color difference in IPS technology.
  • Quick response time: this budget-friendly streaming monitor gives you a high response time of 4ms, making the gaming session seamless because of the fast picture refresh rate.
  • Frameless design: this vertical streaming monitor has a stylish, unique design at a low budget rate, with maximum visibility of the screen increase the level of enjoyment.
  • Attractive display: acre allows you to enjoy the high definition of display screen and gaming at your home with 1920 * 1080 resolution and fast response rate with ultra-stylish thin functionality.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sleek design
  • Good color quality
  • Good refresh rate
  • Ultra-thin screen


  • No USB port

5)- AOC 27G2 Frameless monitor (Best for dual monitors setup):


AOC 27G2 is the right choice for multimedia and office use, with low input lag and a high response rate. This computer monitor delivers a good game experience. Although it has a decent reflective handle, its brightness is not enough if you are in a bright area. It is not the wrong choice for streaming dual monitors.

Quick response time with 1ms means a minor delay in enhancing the experience and fast-moving actions, and the transitions occur smoothly. The refreshing frame rate is 144Hz of every frame, with smooth sessions and more accuracy—the best choice for high-speed race games.

Some more exclusive features for streaming vertical monitors are highlighted below for better decision.

Quick features:

  • Optimal viewing: with advanced technology and IPS, the display provides wide viewing angles, and 27G2 provides a vibrant image that shows true colors. 120% sRGB gamut profile do more adjust gaming duty.
  • Less Bazel distraction: AOC provides you with minimal bezel distraction with a frameless monitor and a narrow border for the ultimate battle station.
  • High adjustable stand: AOC has flexible and adaptable monitors with an adjustable frame that allows moving the pivoting tilt the screen and mounts the stand-in comfortable angle for a better gameplay experience.
  • Excellent warranty: the AOC gives the security with great quality of services, the warranty includes three years of RE-spawned zero-bright dot, and three-year advance replacement, and one year of accidental damage warranty.


  • Flicker-free ad low blue mode
  • Large screen
  • Amazing performance
  • Good color matching
  • Low input lag


  • Image degrades at an angle

6)- Philips Brilliance – (Best cheap second monitor for streaming):


Philips Brilliance has the latest display the delivers a high ultra-clear display with 4k UHD, with a picture resolution of 3840 *2160. 272P7VUBNB 27 is also used for professional purposes such that heavy applications like CAD, financial wizard, and massive spreadsheets.

Philips uses flicker-free technology and to give a more lovely view and a new brightness solution. You can connect the monitor and notebook with a single USB-C port to transfer high-speed data, watch high-speed videos, and recharge the notebook simultaneously. Some enhance critical features of brilliance monitor are as follows:

Quick features:

  • Built-in docking station: Philips monitors allow you to connect all your peripherals devices by using only one reversible USB-C connector to the monitor’s docking station.
  • Smart EgroBase: the base used in Philips Brilliance is a smart EgroBase that provides you with the ergonomics display with the comfort of cable management. It is comfortable to use this streamed monitor for a long day.
  • Power sensor: this power sensor feature automatically sense the user’s presence and transmit the harmless infrared signals and automatically reduce the brightness when a user is not around.
  • Power & recharge notebook: the built-in USB-C connector that meets the power delivery standards can recharge the compatible notebook directly from the second monitor.


  • Very bright
  • Ethernet
  • UHD resolution
  • Tilt, pivot control


  • Tiny OSD buttons

7)-LG Electronics UltraGear 27GN750-B:

best 4k monitor for streaming

This model of the monitor comes up from the UltraGear line of the LG Company. This monitor has almost all the features which streamers need in their secondary monitor for proper setup. In addition, the monitor screen is quite broad, which prevents screen tearing and provides you a better, faster, and smoother experience of streaming games.

Its Nano IPS display can provide you with the most bright and vivid colors, which is considered important during the battlefield. Additionally, this monitor has a fast response time and high refresh rate, proving the best combo in gameplay. Its connectivity is highly improved, which provides you the experience of great streaming.

Quick features:

  • Sleek design: The design of this monitor is very appealing because it’s amazingly elegant and intelligent. Moreover, it comes up with an adjustable pivot stand, which you can tilt and adjust the height according to your preference.
  • HDR-10 Compatibility: This monitor is exceptionally compatible with HDR 10, providing you with immersive gaming and streaming experience. With the help of this, you can enjoy actual & color-rich visuals.
  • Full HD screen: The monitor has 27 inches of mesh, which provides its users the proper and complete HD images so that you can play and enjoy the battlefield of the game calmly and efficiently.


  • No screen tearing
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Slow response time
  • Adjustable stand
  • Entirely rotatable screen


  • The average value for money

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)-Is the dual monitor setup have any effect on FPS?

The answer to this question is yes, but I will explain it briefly. When you set up two monitors together, it will indeed affect your graphic card by placing a strain on it. Due to this, the performance of the format becomes a bit slow. On the other hand, it depends upon your graphic card.

2)-What is the use of two monitors or dual monitor setup in streaming?

You have seen streamers using two monitors. There are many reasons behind the preparation of a dual monitor setup for streaming. The main reason is the dual setup permits them to focus on streaming while gaming, and with the other monitor, they can chat with the viewers and control the stream quickly.

3)-Can a streamer connect two monitors with only one HDMI port on the CPU/laptop?

This question is mainly asked by the people who are using a computer because this problem occurs there. If you own a laptop, you can connect two monitors using two HDMI cables with a display splitter or KVM switch. These solutions are not expensive and do their job perfectly.

4)-Must I need two PCs for setting up the dual monitor system for streaming?

No, you don’t have to connect a single monitor to a single PC. Nowadays, most PCs can support your dual monitor setup. You have to be careful about one thing in this regard that which graphic card your PC has in it. There should be AMD or NVIDIA for sure.


All the above vertical streaming monitors are best for the high streaming and have high-quality processing speed with the budget-friendly, but the Philips Brilliance has all the abilities that a second monitor needs. With the single USB port, you can easily attach the device for multiple functioning

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