Best Ultrawide Monitor For Sim Racing

If you are a part of sim racing, we are sure that you are thinking that having the pedal and wheel set up is enough, and after buying them, you will be done. But these are not the only things you require; having a proper screen or monitor is also very important before starting the sim racing in your home.

The monitor plays a huge role in sim racing as this is the main source that will give you a look and visual of the sim racing for sure. In that case, the ultrawide monitors are preferred by the professionals and editors to consider for buying. As in sim racing, you need to feel like you are actually in a race, driving your car, among others.

Some people think that professionals do not use the monitor for sim racing; this is not true. Having a monitor for this purpose is crucial. The ultrawide monitors provide you a large space for viewing the screen as compared to simple screens. In sim racing, the large viewing area is very necessary to give you realism in the game.

Moreover, the ultrawide monitors will look more beautiful for sim racing than simple monitors, and these monitors are way more compatible. If you want to buy a monitor for sim racing, don’t fall for prices as they are not important in this case. Ultrawide monitors are expensive in comparison with ordinary monitors.

According to professionals, the 49 inches screen is the best size monitor for sim racing. So don’t worry, we are here to end your search related to this topic as we will give you a list of the top 6 ultrawide monitors. So after reading the whole article, choose the one and go for it.

Top 8 Best ultrawide monitors for sim racing Comparison Table:

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1)-SAMSUNG 49-inch odyssey (Best 49 inch super ultrawide monitor):

best 49 inch super ultrawide monitor

This monitor is regarded as the sharpest and biggest ultrawide monitor in the market by providing excellent performance and top-notch features, which must be looking for your sim racing. People who are fond of racing will fall in love with this monitor after using it once. The big screen of almost 49 inches gives you the true experience of sim racing, surely.

This monitor is top of a line monitor of the Samsung Company with massive working and screen. It will deliver you the bright and vivid color images on the screen, and it will surely satisfy your needs regarding sim racing. Of course, it is a bit pricy, but for serious sim racers, the performance worth the money that the company is asking. 

The performance of the monitor of another level which can make you surprise once you start using it. According to the editors who tested it, the colors, brightness, and color gamut, almost everything on the screen is working perfectly. So you can say that this is the best 49 inch super ultrawide monitor that can perfectly meet your needs.


  • Biggest screen ever
  • Luxurious screen panel
  • Very bright screen
  • Great color performance
  • Very good for gaming


  • Expensive monitor for some users

2)-ASUS TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B:

best single monitor for sim racing

It is an excellent curved monitor with a 34 inches widescreen and an aspect ratio of 21:9. This excellent aspect ratio provides you with a more horizontal space than a conventional 16:9 display. It means you will enjoy more immersion while gaming, especially if you are a part of sim racing. 

Moreover, this system is considered the best single monitor for sim racing as it has all terrific features packed in this screen that can make it the best for sim racing. It uses VA panel technology to produce deep blacks better than other IPS and TA panel technologies. 

Although this display is not great in viewing angles, it delivers the best HDR experience due to its wide DCI P3 color gamut coverage. So you will end up enjoying the true colors of the scenes in the game. This screen gets brighter enough to make the darker parts of the scene highlighted and brighter. 

Also, this screen has 1500R curvature that can immerse the user and let you enjoy the big screen game show with more visibility and comfort. Plus, it delivers a high refresh rate of up to 165Hz. In addition, the Adaptive FreeSync technology is included in this monitor, making it possible to reduce screen tearing and eliminate choppy frames. 

Eye strain, severe headache, and itchy eyes are no more issues for you. This monitor features an anti-glare panel that can reduce blue light and provides a comfortable display for gamers and other users. In short, it is packed with unlimited unmatched features that can make your sim racing experience exceptional.


  • Ergonomic design
  • High refresh rate
  • Fast response time
  • Rich connectivity
  • Excellent high-resolution screen


  • Visible smearing behind fast-moving objects

3)-SAMSUNG Odyssey Neo G9:

best monitor for sim racing

If you are also a part of sim racing and want to enhance your sim racing experience, this ultrawide curved gaming monitor perfectly matches sim racing titles. This monitor is considered the biggest and sharpest ultrawide monitor in the market as it offers high-end features and is unrivaled, making it the best monitor for sim racing.

Moreover, its 49-inches of the big screen provides the true experience of the game. Top of all the features, this monitor includes a Quantum Matric technology in which mini LEDs are used in this monitor. These lights provide brightness to the dimming zones and bring enhanced distinction between dark and less. 

In addition, it has a 240Hz refresh rate, and this monitor supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology. Not only this, but this system also supports G-sync technology. Both these technologies together help to reduce screen tearing and stuttering. 

And if we talk about its resolution and quality of pictures, this monitor delivers excellent picture quality. Surprisingly, this is the first monitor that supports 2000 nit HDR peak brightness, making this monitor one of the most demanding monitors among gamers. 

Also, its dual QHD resolution provides more clear, crisp image quality and lets you view content in more detail. Its ultrawide screen gives you a multitasking and multi-monitor setup, so you can enjoy two screens in one big screen monitor.


  • Big screen space for multitasking
  • Very bright screen
  • Excellent for gaming
  • Great color performance
  • Good ergonomics


  • Quite expensive for some users

4)-Viotek SUW49DA (Best monitor overall):

Best monitor overall

Providing few twists to the users of this monitor offers you a great quality picture with more color than other monitors in the market. This 49-inch monitor comes with a high aspect ratio, making it a super doper choice for sim racing. The 32:9 aspect ratio with such a big screen gives you the best experience of gaming.

If you have this monitor on your table, you will be free from the dual monitor setup that you are doing before buying this one. In addition, the high refresh rate and screen resolution make another reason for you to buy this monitor, as it will help you prevent the black lines that appear when you set up the dual monitor system.

The Viotek provides you the great HDR and solid performance during the sim racing to feel like you are driving the car. Having such a big screen on your desk will provide you more chances of playing sim racing accurately and properly. The bright screen enables you to entirely envelop it even if you are sitting 2 or 3 feet away.


  • Great contrast
  • Big color gamut
  • Handy remote control
  • Accurate performance
  • Good screen display


  • Gamma is very light

5)-SAMSUNG 49 inch CHG90 (Best ultrawide monitor for sim racing):

Best ultrawide monitor for sim racing

This is the QLED panel type monitor that can provide you the outstanding color range of the images you see on the screen. This panel also provides the images with vibrant tones that don’t overpower your darks, so don’t worry about that. Instead, we should thank the metal quantum dot technology, which gives brilliant white and deep black.

For sim racing, people mostly search for a high refresh rate monitor with a big screen as it will help a lot in smooth gameplay. This monitor’s refresh rate is 144 Hz, giving you a buttery flow without compromising your reaction time. Isn’t it very cool? Having this monitor in your room will enable you to play as much as you can inflow.

The features of this monitor are specially created for the gamers whom they might need whenever they are playing on it. This monitor is best for the sim racers as it is a serious game, and then you can set it according to your preference. On the whole, this one is considered the best ultrawide monitor for sim racing.


  • High refresh rate
  • Great performance
  • Best for gaming
  • High picture quality


  • A bit pricy

6)-LG 38L950G-B (Best monitor for sim racing):

Best monitor for sim racing

This monitor is mostly regarded as a top pick by the editors because it forms a good middle ground between the ultrawide expensive and super cheap monitors. This one offers you great performance and features which you can get easily at an affordable price. It has almost all the specifications that you want in your monitor for sim racing.

Talking about the monitor features, the top one is the G-sync, which offers you the most buttery flow of game compared to other monitors that don’t have it. This feature works out as a bonus in a monitor, especially when buying a gaming monitor. Due to this feature, the monitor asks for more money, but it is worth buying.

Overall, the performance, features, specifications of each monitor’s monitor are great and nice, and you will find good reviews on different eCommerce sites. You will get the best results after using it in your home. This monitor will give you the true sensation of gaming by playing in the center without any fatigue or issues of black lines.


  • Top-notch features
  • High-quality performance
  • Great for gaming
  • Amazing screen quality
  • Trustworthy monitor


  • Valueless for money according to users

7)-SAMSUNG LC34J791WTNXZA (Best 34 inch monitor):

Best 34 inch monitor

This monitor is considered the average ultrawide monitor as it gives medium picture quality. The panel is of VA type, which offers high contrast ratio and deep displays. One thing is that there is no uniformity in the deep blacks on the screen of this monitor. Secondly, this monitor should be placed in medium lightroom as it doesn’t compatible with bright glare.

It provides a low input lag and a good refresh rate for sim racers, which can easily please gamers. This monitor is considered a decent monitor for mixed-use; for example, you can do productivity with much ease. If you are the one who wants a monitor only for sim racing, then this monitor is a good choice to choose as it offers high resolution.

This monitor features supportive free sync that helps your graphic card to work easily without the tension of tearing whenever you play the game on it. The high response time provides the surety of crispy images on the screen. But in fast action games, it will move on the little screen blur, which is not very good for the sim racers.


  • Great low input lag
  • High resolution of the screen
  • Good size monitor
  • Affordable price


  • Lack of HDR support, unfortunately

8)-ASUS ROG Strix XG43VQ (Best curved ultrawide monitor for sim racing):

Best curved ultrawide monitor for sim racing

The ASUS Company has been the beasts of monitors, especially in the line of gaming monitors worldwide. This is the second-largest screen in our list of products. With such a massive screen, this monitor will surely be an upgrade for the sim racers. Usually, this monitor is liked by people who want a lot of realism and immersion.

Not fall only for the size of the screen, there are many other features which will attract you towards this monitor. It offers you a high resolution and high refresh rate, making the perfect combination by giving you the smoothest gameplay. In addition, the high contrast ratio will provide you the crisper images, and you will be able to experience the other visualization world.

This monitor lies in the category of the best curved ultrawide monitor for sim racing which can easily tick all the boxes of the needs of a sim racer. That’s why it costs a high price as compared to other options. However, it gives you a great performance with such high-quality features that will make your game the real world of your imagination. So if you want great gameplay, choose it.


  • Big size curved screen
  • Great Built-in speakers
  • High refresh rate
  • High resolution of the screen


  • Very expensive for some


The time to wrap up the article has come now. We have provided you the accurate reviewed monitors list to get easily from the market or amazon. We came far with you just to help you in this regard to choose the perfect one for you. 

For us, no matter which monitors you choose, we just want that it will not disappoint you in any way. Choosing one in plenty of options is a difficult task, and we know that very well. However, all the products mentioned above are great in their way.

In our recommendation, the best one among them is the SAMSUNG 49 inch odyssey as it will give you the true experience of immersion and realism in sim racing. Additionally, its high-quality features will provide you with the smooth flow of gameplay you always longed for.

So choose the one and go for buying. Happy shopping!

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