Cheap Gaming Monitor For Xbox One

The gamers know the real worth of a gaming monitor that comes with advanced gaming features. And if you are a calm gamer who is looking for a cheap gaming monitor for Xbox One, then our detailed reviews about amazing products will surely help you getting the best one for you.

The console gaming monitors come with the features that are different than the standard and conventional TVs and monitors. Whether you are a lover of the original Xbox One, the powerful Xbox One X, or the updated Xbox One S, the gaming monitors offer a high refresh rate, low input lag, and fast response time.

These monitors mostly support 4k resolution to give you more clear and vivid image quality. But finding such monitors in hundreds of monitors is quite a difficult task. So to solve this problem, we have successfully compiled some of the best options for you.

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Top 9 cheap gaming monitor for Xbox One Comparison Table:

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1)-BenQ EW3270U 32 Inch - Cheap gaming monitor for xbox one:

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p | Screen Size: 31.5 Inches | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Display Type: LED | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 |

It is the best option recommended for all those who are looking to get a big screen of 32 inches for their Xbox One gaming purpose. If you are a player of the Xbox One S or Xbox One X game, it is suitable for both console games and is called the best gaming monitor for Xbox one S. 

This monitor supports 4k UHD resolution that is 3840 x 2160 pixels. Plus, you don’t need to get worried about the HDR support in this monitor. Additionally, this monitor comes with eye-care technology to reduce eye fatigue and eye discomfort.

Quick Features

  • In-built speakers: If you want to save your money on external speakers and want to buy a monitor that features a powerful monitor, then this could be the best option. It comes with excellent speakers to give you a more immersive experience. 
  • Free sync technology: For more smooth gameplay, this monitor comes with a Free sync technology. It offers a good response time and low input lag to ensure a smooth gaming experience. It also eliminates tearing and broken frames. 
  • Brightness Intelligence Plus technology: The integrated technology of brightness intelligence plus is great to adjust display brightness as well as color temperature to provide an ideal viewing experience.



2)-SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 (Editor Choice):

Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels | Screen Size: 32 Inch | Display Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 144 hertz | Mounting Type:Wall Mount | Hardware Interface: DisplayPort, HDMI |

If you are hunting for a budget-friendly gaming monitor that can not burden your wallet and give you the best gaming experience at the same time, then this monitor will be your best bet. SAMSUNG company has introduced this feature-packed powerful monitor, especially for hardcore gamers. 

It has terrific features that can provide unmatchable performance. Its high-end features and performance are unbeatable. Its big screen of 32-inches supports the screen resolution of 2560×1440 pixels that boasts incredibly detailed, crisp, and sharp images. Plus, it is available at reasonable rates, which makes it the best cheap monitor for Xbox one.

Quick Features

144Hz Refresh rate: This monitor comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz, which means it results in a short blur trail behind fast-moving objects. Its super-smooth refresh rate would never allow you to go back to a traditional screen.
HDR10: On top of all the features, this feature makes this monitor unique. HDR10 capability allows you to enjoy the true colors of the game. It will uncover the secrets and all the details hiding in the shadows of the game.
AMD FreeSync: This monitor supports the AMD FreeSync technology, which reduces screen tearing, input latency, and stutter. It will make sure every scene of the game flows seamlessly.



3)-ASUS VG278QR (Best Cheap Gaming Monitor For Xbox One):

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels | Screen Size: 27 Inch | Display Type: W-LED | Refresh Rate: 165 hertz | Aspect Ratio:16:9 | Response time: 0.5ms (GTG) |

ASUS has put every feature in this monitor to provide an immersive experience to the gamer while maintaining a good price. You can now enhance your Xbox One gaming experience without spending your fortune by purchasing this gaming monitor, which is called the best cheap gaming monitor for Xbox one

Moreover, this monitor is equipped with countless amazing features such as a high refresh rate, 27 inches screen size, full HD resolution, fast response time, ELMB technology, eye care technology, and flexible connectivity options.

Quick Features

FreeSync Technology: This monitor features Adaptive-Sync technology. With the availability of this feature, you will be able to enjoy smooth gameplay as it can eliminate or reduce screen tearing and choppy frame rates. So you can now enjoy seamless visuals of the game.
Flicker-free technology: If you are already experiencing eye strain and headache issues, then this monitor will best suit you. It has flicker-free technology that can provide a comfortable gaming experience and let you enjoy long hours of gameplay without stressing your eyes.
Multiple connectivity options: The rear side of this monitor offers a plethora of connectivity options. Therefore, you are fully allowed to connect a variety of devices with this monitor system. The connectivity options include HDMI 1.4 port, Dual-link DVI-D, and DisplayPort 1.2.



4)-AOC C24G1A (Budget Pick):

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels | Screen Size: 24 Inch | Display Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 165 hertz | Response time:1ms (MPRT) | Connections: VGA, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 x 2 |

Although it is the last monitor in this listing, it is one of the best gaming monitors to give you the best gaming experience. Packed with amazing features, including a high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, 24-inches screen size, 1500R curvature, 3-sided frameless design, and rapid response time. 

This curved monitor with the feature of 1500R curvature gives the best immersive experience to gamers. Plus, its frameless design and borders can provide an ultimate multi-monitor setup. In addition, this monitor delivers the best DCI-P3 color gamut coverage to display precise and appropriate color reproduction.

Quick Features

1500R curvature: This feature gives an ultra-immersive experience by wrapping around your vision field and putting you at the center of the action. In addition, it allows you to immerse yourself in the action and game.
Adjustable stand: The ergonomics of this monitor are considerable. The stand at the back of the monitor is height, tilt, pivot, swivel, and VESA mountable. These features and stand adjustability allow you to adjust the monitor screen at a comfortable level.
Quick response time: This beast supports a 1ms response time, which means you can see the difference and enjoy smooth gameplay. Plus, you can enjoy fast-moving action along with dramatic transitions without the ghosting effects.



5)-HP VH240a (Best budget gaming monitor for Xbox one):

Resolution: FHD 1080p | Screen Size: 23.8 Inches | Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz | Display Type: IPS | Aspect Ratio:16:9 |

If you are willing to buy an affordable monitor that comes with an IPS display, then this is the best budget gaming monitor for Xbox one. It will not require you to break your bank as it is a budget-friendly monitor that comes with a fully ergonomic stand. 

Plus, this 23.8 inches screen with an IPS display panel offers almost a frameless display with a resolution of 1080p, and this is the best 1080p monitor for Xbox One. It provides the user with a viewing angle of 178-degree, which means the color and contrast would not shift from any viewing angle.

Quick Features

  • HD resolution: This monitor features the full high definition resolution of 1080p on a screen on 23.8 inches that guarantees plenty of screen space along with clear image quality. Plus, its low blue light filter is great for regulating the brightness. 
  • OSD menu display: With this effortless OSD menu, this screen gives you several easy options on this menu to use and make changes accordingly. It gives you a user-friendly menu display to adjust the settings quickly. 
  • Variety of connectivities: Now, with multiple ports and other connectivity options, you will not need to worry about multimedia connections. It comes with an HDMI port, VGA port, an audio jack for in-built speakers, and the great one is USB-C port, which is excellent for Mackbook Pro.



6)-BenQ EL2870U 28 inch (Best gaming monitor for xbox one s):

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p | Screen Size: 28 Inch | Display Type: LCD | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz | Aspect Ratio:16:9 | Hardware Interface: HDMI |

If you are an Xbox One gaming lover and looking for an excellent monitor, then this could be the best option for you. It is a 28 inches TN monitor that comes with a 4k resolution along with the refresh rate of 60 Hz. Plus, this monitor supports HDR and Free sync technology. 

It has a good gaming experience that ensures fast response time and low input lagging. Although HDR support is mediocre, it still offers great visuals. Additionally, it has multiple connectivity options that provide full compatibility with Xbox One.

Quick Features

  • 1ms response time: This monitor is so much incredible in gaming performance as it offers fast response time. It is great for competitive gaming needs. The more fast the response time is, the more low the ghosting effect is. 
  • Low Blue light technology: this technology is specially designed for those who have eyesight issues and also for those who want to prevent their eyes from the harmful rays of the screen. So this monitor uses this technology to reduce headaches and eye strain.
  • AMD Free sync: It is the best thing in monitors as this feature is excellent for gaming purposes. The AMD processor supports the Free sync for guaranteeing smooth gameplay by reliably eliminating tearing and broken frames.



7)-LG 34GN850-B 34 Inch (Best curved gaming monitor under 1000):

Resolution: QHD Wide 1440p | Screen Size: 34 Inch | Display Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 144 hertz | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 |

If you want to get a bigger screen with Nano IPS display, then this will be a great choice for you. This ultrawide screen comes with a QHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels along with an incredible design and a number of gaming features. 

It gives a more vivid, high-quality, sharp, and detailed image quality. The IPS display is excellent in delivering clear and crisp visual quality. Plus, the most noticeable feature of this monitor is that it features G sync that means it gives a more smooth gaming experience.

Quick Features

  • NVIDIA G sync compatible: This monitor comes with the NVIDIA supportive G sync compatible that perfectly displays the standard graphics and eliminate screen tearing and frame broking. So you will be going to enjoy ultimate smooth gaming hours. 
  • 34 inches curved monitor: Of course, gamers always love to play games on a bigger and wider screen. This 3 inches extra-large screen can easily be curved around any position and covers a wide field of view. In addition to this, it is a bezel-less display. 
  • Gaming features: You will be happy to see that this monitor offers the 160 Hz ultra-fast and smooth frame rate and speed. It will ensure that without any disruption and frame break, the game graphics and visual effects appear smoother and quicker.



8)-LG 27UK650-W 27 Inch (Best gaming monitor for the money):

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p| Screen Size: 27 Inches | Display Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz | Aspect Ratio : 16:9 | Hardware Interface:  DisplayPort, HDMI |

The LG 27UK6500W comes with a 27 inches screen that offers excellent gaming features and supports AMD free sync. With an IPS display screen and HDR10 compatibility, this screen provides the viewing angle of 178/178. All these features make LG 27UK650-W the best gaming monitor for the money.

For maximum visual quality and vivid images, this screen is able to provide a 4k resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. And for providing ideal color reproduction, this monitor supports 99% of the sRGB color gamut, which is a great feature for graphic designers.

Quick Features

  • 4k UHD resolution: With a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio and 350-nit peak brightness, this monitor also comes along 4k ultra high definition resolution. This will ensure stunning image quality and results in a high pixel-per-inch ratio of 163 PPI. 
  • AMD Free sync: This monitor supports AMD Free sync and offers VRR for compatible graphic cards. It is great in eliminating screen tearing and stuttering along with the reduction of input lag. Plus, this monitor offers two VRR modes: basic and extended. 
  • Advanced gaming features: This monitor is specially designed for serious gamers as it comes with advanced gaming features that can increase your gaming experience. The black stabilizer feature is best to reveal small details in dark scenes of the game.



9)-Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q (Best 27 inch Monitor For Xbox):

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p | Screen Size: 27 Inches | Hardware Interface : Bluetooth 4.0 | Display Type: LCD |  Refresh Rate: 60 hertz |

This monitor is presented by the very well-known company Dell, and it is specially designed for those who want to buy an ultrasharp IPS panel. This monitor comes in a 27 inches screen that displays 4k resolution to deliver an unbeatable picture quality. 

Now no more color limitation you will face as this monitor supports 1.07 million of color and offers a high contrast ratio to generate more realistic images. In addition to all these features, this screen can be connected with six different RF compatible devices.

Quick Features

  • A variety of ports: No more worries are on the way as this monitor comes with several ports and allow multiple connections. It permits you to increase productivity by connecting different devices or multimedia by using ports and slots. 
  • sRGB color gamut: Color coverage is no more an issue as this monitor provides 99.9% of the sRGB color package. So you will do multiple things on this screen like graphic designing, editing, and gaming as well. 
  • Effortless adjustability: To get a more precise and desired angle of the screen, it will allow you to adjust it accordingly. You are entitled to change the height, tilt it, pivot it, and make swivel rotations as well to obtain the most comfortable viewing angle.



Buyer’s Guide:

While buying a monitor for your Xbox One gaming, there are a vast amount of potential options that must be concerned first. From your needs of watching movies to play HD games with fast response time and high refresh rate, there are several things in between that makes sense.

Things to consider:


Most of the gaming setups support the HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p, which is enough for gaming needs. But for the solid gaming experience of Xbox One, you must consider the monitors that deliver the QHD 2560 x 1440 or 4k UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution.
So if you are using the latest consoles like Xbox One X, S, and PS4 Pro, then you must need 4k resolution monitors.

2)-Screen size:

The screen size depends on the space you have on your desk, and also it depends on your needs. There are three sizes that are used the most for console gaming.

24 inches: These are for those who have a limitation of space. This is best for competitive gaming as it enables the user to see the whole screen more comfortably. These are usually affordable and support HD resolution.

27 inches: These are comparatively bigger than the 24 inches and allow the user to see the screen comfortably in both cases, whether the user sits closely or at some distance. 

32 inches: These are great for heavy games that need more resolution and fast response time. These monitors are best to see at some distance as it comes with a bigger screen. Plus, these screens support 4k resolutions for an immersive experience.


This technology is used to provide more realistic images with vibrant colors, increased brightness levels, and a high contrast ratio. Monitors, to some extent, are not that great in proving actual HDR performance as compared to HDR TVs.

Some monitors support HDR that shows dark colors more clear and deep. So that gamers can see dark areas more clearly and precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is response time important for gaming?

Yes, if you are playing console games, good response time is really important if you want to experience low input lag during your game. Fast response time will allow you to experience fast-paced competitive games.

How important is the refresh rate for gaming?

A standard monitor that comes for gaming purposes has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, whereas the advance gaming displays offer 240 Hz of refresh rate. It is important as it allows the screen to keep up with the rapid movements of a player.


The LG 34GN850-B 34 Inch is the best monitor in this listing in terms of an unrivaled balance of the best monitor features for gaming. It features G sync, 34 inches big screen, QHD resolution, and Nano IPS display screen.
But if you want the best cheap gaming monitor for Xbox One, then the HP VH240a 23.8-inch is the best option.

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