How to adjust brightness on Monitor without buttons

Keystroke is used to send the command to the computer. The physical control might be good for aesthetics but is not the best way of controlling your monitor. The physical buttons or keys usually break because we use them regularly.

However, the soft method is easy and reliable for controlling your computer or monitor. The soft method means giving instruction using a mouse. Other than the manual method, there is a built-in functioning way to adjust brightness.

Is there any substitute way for their functioning if your button is broken? So the answer is yes; there are alternative ways to adjust brightness on the monitor without buttons.

Some methods are mentioned to be executed in this article if your physical buttons are broken, or you don’t want to use them. Let’s discuss how to adjust brightness within windows and in mac without using buttons.

How to Adjust Brightness On Monitor Without Buttons In Windows 7

There are some built-in functions in windows for the functioning of the computer without the use of buttons. The method varies from models of windows, but all of these methods are easy to follow. Other than these functions, you can use some specific app to adjust the brightness of your monitors and the screen of laptops and tablets.

Adjust brightness on a monitor in window 7

  • Step#1: Click the power options icon: When you switch on your pc, the desktop’s first thing is displayed on the monitor. There will be a battery-shaped icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop. Click in the ▲ area. 
  • Step#2: Click Adjust Brightness: There will be a window pop-up when clicking on ▲ the area. There will be a link on the bottom of the pop-up window named adjust screen brightness.
  • Step#3: Click And The Screen Brightness: Click the link to get a slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the monitor’s brightness. Dragging it right will increase the brightness, and dragging left will reduce.

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Adjusting brightness on a monitor in window 8, 8.1

Step#1: Open control panel   
  • Choose Desktop tile from the Start screen
  • Now hover to the bottom right corner of the window.
  • Click the last option from the displayed bar, labeled as setting  
  • From the setting, click on the control panel.
Step#2: The screen brightness
  • Now the control panel window is opened, now open system and security.
  • Click on the power options.
  • Click on the change plan setting on the power options, represented on the balance radio button.
Step#3: The slider of brightness
  • The slider will appear from where you can adjust the brightness of the monitor
  • Click the save the change at the end when you adjust brightness and are satisfied.

Adjust monitor brightness on window 10

There is a speedy way in window 10 to get a brightness slider.

  • Firstly, click the notification icon at the right-bottom of the screen.
  • You will see the slider drag the slider to adjust the monitor’s brightness.

Another way in window 10 to adjust the brightness of the monitor

  • Go on the setting app on window 10
  • Select the system and then select display.
  • Click on the adjust brightness level and drag it according to your preference.

Comparatively, adjusting brightness on window ten is pretty easy from Windows 7 8. All of this is because window 10 is a new technology. There is a solution to all the brightness adjusting problems for all windows in one app.

Third-party apps

In case you do not want to deal with all the built-in tools chaos for adjusting the brightness of your monitor. But still want to manage without the use of physical buttons. You can go for the third-party app.

These apps will manage your monitor brightness. You will get a screen on the top to adjust brightness. There will be a slider present to adjust the monitor’s brightness.

You can also adjust the brightness of more than one monitor if you are using multiple through this single app. The essential thing you have to know is that this app will not change the contrast level of your screen.

These apps are free and available on the app store. But if you have more than four monitors and want to control all of them, you can try the premium version, which allows you to control more than four monitors and have some additional features that are not needed.   

Adjust Brightness On Mac

You can adjust the brightness on mac without using buttons. You can adjust it by using the mouse following some steps.

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Then choose the system preferences from the Apple menu.
  • From the option, you choose select display
  • Then click on the brightness
  • Set the brightness level as you desire  


The methods discussed above for managing the monitor’s brightness are not complicated and easy to execute. These built-in functions are tempting if you do not want to use buttons. Now you do not have to worry if your functions key can work or not. You can apply this soft method for the management or adjustment of your monitor. Other than these tools, you can also choose a third-party app. The app will help you adjust your monitor’s brightness quickly by providing a shortcut to the brightness slider.

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