How To Connect Two Computers To One Monitor Without KVM

This is the most commonly asked question by the people who want to make a new setup for their office work or any other purpose. Most of the time, people want to connect two computers with one monitor because of less space on their working desk. The real task is to connect them without a KVM switch.

So, first of all, let me tell you briefly about the KVM switch, and then we will move towards the possibilities that work out in the absence of KVM. Usually, the term KVM switch means hardware that comes up with the ability to handle various computers with the help of a single mouse, monitor, and keyboard. 

The KVM switches are considered very handy to use, but there are many options available when you don’t have any KVM switches. We have multiple solutions for one problem; the same case goes with this problem. So let’s move towards the possible solutions that you can use in any emergency.

How To Connect Two Computers To One Monitor Without KVM:

Using of other ports:

Every monitor you see or buy from the market has plenty of ports to serve you in any case. Those ports include VGA, HDMI, and DVI commonly. Moreover, if you have a high refresh rate monitor like 144Hz, it will surely come up with two or more HDMI ports that prove very helpful.

If your monitor has two HDMI ports, it will be straightforward to connect two computers without any problem. All you have to do is to take two HDMI cables and then make the connections between your computers and monitor easily. But this depends upon your monitor that either it has those ports or not.

How To Connect Two Computers To One Monitor Without KVM

Mostly, in this case, one issue experienced by the users is that if their monitor doesn’t have two HDMI ports, they will not show you the exact resolution on the monitor, which seems not good. This problem can vanish if you have an adapter in your home or office, then you will also get the proper resolution.

Let me tell you one thing more about this option, as this is the easiest one in the absence of a KVM switch. If you want to switch between two computers, you can change it from the monitor’s internal menu. Additionally, some monitors are available which supports multiple setups, but they are expensive.

Using the KVM software:

If you don’t have the hardware form of KVM, you can quickly get the software form of it as internet availability is necessary nowadays. Moreover, there are some free KVM software programs available that you can use to handle two or more different computers by using the same keyboard and mouse.

This solution to the problem is considered user-friendly, and it also saves you from the frustration of trying the hardware components for making a new setup. Finding the best and free KVM software program is complex and time-consuming, but it’s far better than the previous option.

These software’s are the latest form of technology in the industry of KVM switches as now they make it very easy to approach it. Although the new setup software is not as decisive as the hardware KVM switch, they are still quite handy and practical.

There are many KVM Software’s are available in which some are paid, and some are free. If you want to take excellent advantage of KVM software, you have to pay a little. Otherwise, you can go for the free version, but it will offer you limited software features. Let me talk with you about the softwares briefly.

If you are searching for powerful KVM software, this will be your best companion in making a new setup. It comes up with a free edition version which everyone can get quickly. 

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy tons of features, you must move towards the standard and professional edition paid. In addition, it can handle nine computers/ monitors at the same time.

2)-Microsoft Garage Mouse without borders:
This software is for the people who want simple and free accurate functional KVM software for joining their computers and monitors. Firstly, this software was used by the Microsoft Company itself, and then they made it public. 

So now you can easily install this KVM software for free. Unfortunately, it only works out well for Windows PC; otherwise, it will not run properly and cause problems.

3)-Input director:
This is also one of the best KVM software which you can get quickly from the internet. You can install this software by following simple steps. 

Moreover, it has many advantageous features, including switch control, sync lock, and shared clipboard. Furthermore, you can also adjust your settings according to your preference.

4)-Lite Manager:
This is a very different KVM software as compared to others available on the internet. However, you can get it for free as it will provide you with the premium features you need. 

Additionally, you can use this software for commercial and personal use free of cost, which proves to be very helpful. You can use this software on MAC OS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.

Remote desktop protocol (RDP):

Another good option is to join your two computers with one monitor by setting up the remote desktop protocol. In this regard, Google introduced its free RDP software, which permits you to make the set up according to you without any KVM switch. Of course, for this purpose, you must have an excellent internet connection.


As you now know, there are many usually used options for setting up without KVM, but we recommended you buy the KVM switch for professional purposes. On the other hand, if you want to set up for personal usage, go for alternatives. Use the KVM software as it will be handier to use. 

We hope you will find out this article helpful and informative. Best of luck!

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