How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port

Different purposes require multiple monitor setups for proper working because a dual monitor setup boosts productivity. Making a proper setup of dual monitors attached to one monitor is quite easy. Still, some complications occur with the less availability of some ports, such as the computer’s VGA port.

The dual monitor setup is connected with the computer through different ports helping each other present the output. In most cases, the computers come up with fewer VGA ports which cause problems when you have to connect two monitors. The VGA is known as Video graphic Array.

VGA is a standard analog that is used for attaching computers to monitors. The VGA cables are covered with blue plastic, its color code. As you know, VGA is an analog, so it can only be used when both the monitor and computer don’t have DVI ports in them to connect.

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Different methods can be used for connecting dual monitors with one computer via one VGA port!

·         Changing of Video card:

The first method to connect dual monitors with a computer via one VGA port replaces the video card. For this purpose, you should get a video card that supports two VGA ports. But this method requires experience, money, and time which might be difficult for most people.

This is the permanent solution to this problem, but this method will be expensive if you have budget issues. So if you have enough confidence to handle the video card with dual VGA ports, go for this solution.

·         Getting a VGA splitter:

The next solution to this problem is to get a new VGA splitter that will help you connect dual monitors without any problem. It is a small splitter that can make a huge difference without spending much money.

This splitter is not very expensive, and if you have budget issues, this is the best solution for you. The VGA splitter works like a monitor extender. It is a temporary solution, but you can work with it for some time.

Process/steps of setting up dual monitors via one VGA port:

These installation methods and steps set up the dual monitor system using a VGA splitter. The process is very easy, which you can do easily by yourself. So let’s move towards the steps!

  • First of all, switch off your computer and monitor.
  • Then remove the VGA cable from your computer.
  • Then take the VGA splitter and put the female parts of both VGA cables into the splitter.
  • The male parts of VGA cables go into the monitor.
  • In the end, connect the VGA splitter with the computer.
  • For this purpose, use the cable for the splitter set.
  • Now switch on your monitor and computer.
  • After setting up the whole setup, you have to configure it properly.

Configuration of two monitors:

After connecting the two monitors, it is now very important to configure it. Read the given steps, which are given below:

  • Go to Start and then click on the control panel. Then go to the personalization option.
  • In the next step, choose the Adjust screen resolution feature available there.
  • This will help you set the monitor’s configuration according to your requirement.
  • Then click on the detect option and then see the two monitors. It will label as No 1 and No 2.
  • Now click on the multiple displays Tab before choosing the extend display option. It will extend the monitor’s view.
  • If you want to mirror two monitors, click on the same display option.
  • Remember that you should also rearrange the monitor’s icons by dragging if you want an extended display.

An important tip:

Setting the orientation and resolution for a dual monitor setup is very important. For this, you have to select each monitor and then change its resolution and orientation. This step is considered important because it will help you watch a good view of the dual monitor setup.


There are minimal methods to connect dual monitors with a single computer via a VGA port. One method is expensive, and the other is cheap. It all depends on which one you can afford easily without any problem.

After reading the whole article, we think you have lessened your worries about this problem. Best of luck!

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