How to Connect Xbox One to PC Monitor with HDMI

Most people fond of playing games must be familiar with Xbox One. It is one of the most fascinating gaming consoles ever used worldwide.

Generally, gamers want to have the Xbox One at any cost. But first of all, we should have some introduction to what Xbox One is and how it works before moving to a fundamental question.

Xbox One is a video game console that can easily be played at home. It was manufactured by Microsoft and launched in Nov 2013. It is the 3rd successor of the Xbox gaming consoles. In addition, it is the latest version of Xbox 360. According to the Microsoft team, this device is called an “all-in-one-entertainment system.”

As an Xbox One player, you have bought this one, and now you are thinking about how it can be connected with your PC monitor by using an HDMI cable. If you have the HDMI cable, you can easily connect your Xbox One console with a PC monitor by following some steps below.

Significant steps to follow:

  • Try to locate the HDMI on the monitor to connect to your Xbox One. Mostly every monitor comes up with an HDMI port.
  • The Xbox One comes up with an HDMI cable connected; remove that cable from it. Connect one side with the monitor. Connect the other side with the gaming console.
  • Once you connect the HDMI cable of the gaming console with the monitor, it will quickly show you the options. However, it might not be working the way it should be in some cases. This problem happens when the Xbox requirements do not favor the monitor’s settings.
  • If your monitor is not working seamlessly, you have to take the help of your TV.
  • For this purpose, you have to unplug the PC monitor from the Xbox One. Then connect it with the TV. Due to this, you will get access to the settings. You cannot do this with the PC because it will show a blank screen when the settings do not match Xbox needs.
  • On TV, find the settings and then start to adjust according to the requirements of Xbox One.
  • Mostly it is recommended to adjust the settings on 720p resolution. After changing, connect it again with the PC monitor.
  • If the chosen resolution is still not working with the needs of the Xbox One, then repeat the above two steps till you get the correct settings.

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Steps to follow (if you can’t find settings on TV):

  • On the controller of Xbox, you will see the logo of Xbox. Press on the logo, and it will take you to the guide section.
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see the option of settings.
  • Then, you need to click on the Settings option and select the all settings tab.
  • After this, you will see a list telling about display and sound on the left side.
  • In that tab, you will get through the Video output menu. From this, you can easily change the resolution.
  • Once the resolution is set, connect it with the PC monitor and start playing.


1.    Which Xbox One console is perfect for working with 4K monitors?

Most Xbox players use it with a PC monitor in their homes. But before going to buy the new Xbox One console, find out whether either your monitor can work with it or not. The Xbox One consoles are well-matched with the monitors with 720 or 1080p or 4K technology.

2.    Which features should I consider in a monitor for using Xbox One gaming console?

If you are going to purchase a monitor for Xbox one console, then there are many things you should consider. First of all, it should have an HDMI port and enough other ports. Try to feel the monitor with 4K technology. Moreover, consider the sound system of the PC monitor for better gaming.

3.    How can I play the sound of Xbox by using the monitor?

If the sound system of your monitor is strong enough to be compatible with the Xbox One, you can adjust it according to the steps we mentioned above for resolution. However, if your monitor has no built-in speakers, you have to use the external speakers for that purpose.

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