What Is A Good Response Time For A Gaming Monitor

The answer to this question is relatively easy, but it depends upon different things, and the main thing is the panel type. The panel type of your monitor will tell you about the response time that you will have for sure. For example, the best response time for a gaming monitor is 1ms typically, but it can be achieved only by TN panels.

First, you should know what response time is and how its lower number takes your games to the highest level while playing. For a gamer, response time is the essential display specification. A lower response time is recommended as it helps you on the battlefield to a great extent.

What Is A Good Response Time For A Gaming Monitor?

Response time:

This term describes the response time of pixels that make the image on the screen. It means how much time your gaming monitor pixel can take from changing black to white or grey to some other shade etc. For knowing the actual response time of a gaming monitor, you should keep in mind the black to white changing.

Effects of response time:

Before knowing the answer to the real question, understanding the effects of response time is imperative if you don’t get the right gaming monitor. The speed of a pixel in changing colors mainly affects the accuracy and clarity. With the help of those factors, a moving object is displayed on the screen.

If you get a gaming monitor with a high response time, it will cause trouble providing the fast-moving objects display accurately and effectively. Two things happen in such cases: ghosting and motion blur, which are the most common effects of not getting the low response time gaming monitor.

What Is A Good Response Time For A Gaming Monitor

Ghosting usually happens while quickly moving objects. In this scenario, the pixel doesn’t get the proper time to change colors, so you will get the fading image on display, which continues.

Motion Blur is considered the most common problem with high response time gaming monitors. In this case, the fast-moving objects’ image blurred as the pixel doesn’t get enough time to change color.

Panel Type effects on response time:

The answer to the main questions seems very simple that low response time is better for a gaming monitor, but there are some other things that you should keep in mind before buying a new gaming monitor. For example, the panel type has to do nothing with the response time, but their modern technologies do.

Many of you already know that two basic types of panels are used in the wide variety of monitors available in the market. One is TN which means twisted nematic, and IPS means in-plane switching. They put an effect on the response time. These panel types have some advantages and disadvantages, as everything has.

The TN panel type can provide the lowest response time in a gaming monitor, which is 1ms. On the other hand, the IPS panels of the monitor can offer you the lowest of 4ms.

As a gamer, if you have used the monitor with a 1ms response time for your whole life, you will feel unplayable with it if you get the 4ms gaming monitor.

On the other hand, the IPS panels provide wide viewing angles and great visuals, which lack in TN panel monitors. So, in the end, it’s up to you that whether you want great visuals in the game or low response time in the game. So in the TN VS IPS panel competition in terms of response time, the winner is the TN panel monitor.


In our recommendation, if you are a competitive gamer, then you should opt for a TN panel with a 1ms response time. On the other hand, if you are a non-competitive gamer, the IPS panel monitors with 4ms response time proved to be a great option. So again, according to your preference, which gamer you are and which gaming monitor response time you will choose.
We hope that you will find this article informative and helpful. Best of luck!

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