What Is IPS Glow And How Can I Reduce It

what is ips glow and how can i reduce it

Firstly, you want to know the meaning of this phenomenon named “IPS GLOW,” then briefly tell me about it. In IPS glow, the corners of your screen start emitting glossy light, which can be seen in the dark whenever you play anything that has dark content in the background.

Mostly this happens in IPS panel screens installed on desktops. The common reason behind this IPS glow is that excessive light passes through the display screen panel. This term, IPS glow is mainly present in almost every IPS panel you see in the market.

But the best thing to know is that you can reduce it in many ways to some extent if you can’t make it entirely well. This depends upon how you see this problem and how much you can tackle this issue on your own.

Let me tell you about the common reasons behind this firstly!

Reasons behind IPS glow:

  • The leading cause of IPS glow in panels is almost a manufacturing fault while making the IPS panel. Remember, you cannot eliminate it from your screen.
  • IPS glow happens in most IPS panels because they need light to pass through the panel’s background to showcase the images on the screen. In that process, some excessive light emits, which turned out to be IPS glow.
  • Next, if you buy a good quality IPS panel screen, it will come up with minor defects that can be sought out, but you can face the consequences if you have a terrible quality panel.

Effects of IPS glow on your monitor:

Mainly, the IPS glow will not cause any problem for your monitor because it happens not very quickly. The main effect will be on your eyes when you work in a dark environment and with dark content on the monitor. Often the IPS glow occurs to your panel, but the users notice it late.

Methods to reduce the IPS glow:

This method works out if your panel has minor defects of IPS glow. Just follow the given steps, and then it will stop bothering you.

1)-Maximize the ambient lights:
If you don’t want to face the IPS glow in your panel, try to work out the proper lighting surrounding. Because if you work in the dark surrounding, the more you will get the IPS to glow. So shift your monitor to a room that has a well-lit surrounding. Moreover, some monitors come up with manual settings to adjust the black level contrast.

2)-Lessen the brightness:
Mainly the users adjust the screen’s brightness to its highest level, which proves to be completely unnecessary if you have placed your monitor in the darkroom. That’s why it is preferred to adjust the brightness at a lower level if you are working in a dark environment. It will help you from facing the IPS glow and protects your eyes as well.

3)-Make the proper adjustments to monitor:
Use this method if you have placed your monitor in a dark room of your home. The monitor’s proper adjustment will help you in reducing the IPS glow to some extent. First, tilt the monitor and adjust it to the accurate height. For this, you can test it by watching a video and then change the things where the lowest IPS glow occurs.

4)-Place the monitor at some distance:
If you increase the distance between yourself and the screen, then it will reduce the IPS glow somehow. When you start to do it for the first time, you will feel off, but it will gradually become customary. Keep the distance of at least 80 to 120 cm to increase the effectiveness of minimizing the IPS glow.

5)-Losing the display panel frame:
The frame provided by the company might be built wrongly sometimes, which causes the IPS to glow on the panel. So it would help if you customized the edge of the screen and then set it at the point where the IPS glow becomes less visible to your eyes. Remember; be careful with the inner panels so that you can’t face any big mess.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the IPS glow phenomenon quite normal in monitors?

Yes, this problem is entirely typical, and it happens with most of the panels available in the market. But it is most common in IPS panels. If you have some other panel type like VA, then don’t be afraid about it.

Are the blacklight Bleed and IPS glow are the same terms or not?

No, they are entirely different terms even though they sounded the same by most people. IPS glow is a manufacturing default that cannot be eliminated. The blacklight bleed occurs on the edge of the screen, and it can be cured entirely.

Can IPS glow be eliminated or only reduced?

The glow of IPS cannot be eliminated from your panel as it can only be reduced using different methods. So don’t try to fix it entirely; instead, use the abovementioned methods to minimize it.


This problem is faced by every person who is using the IPS panels till on the date. So if your panel has minor defects of IPS glow, then follow the simple methods so that you can use the screen with better visibility. Don’t try to test or replace monitors, as you cannot eliminate the effect. We hope everyone will find this article helpful. Best of luck!

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