Are Curved Monitors Better for Your Eyes

are curved monitors better for your eyes

Today, everything revolves around digital media. Millions of people are spending long hours in front of computer screens. Unfortunately, looking at the computer screens for too many hours can cause some serious eye problems.

But now, as the technology industry is growing so much, they have a solution to every problem. Curved monitors are considered the best monitors to reduce eye strain. Before knowing how a curved monitor is better, it is essential to understand it.

Curved Monitor:

Curved monitors have a curved surface to provide a more real-life and immersive experience to their viewers. It is because it has a broader view than a standard flat monitor. The main point of a curved screen is to reduce eye strain by providing a comfortable viewing experience.

Curved Monitor VS Flat Monitor:

A lot of people are upgrading their flat monitors to curved monitors. One main reason is that curved monitors are better for the eyes. According to research, it has been noticed that people using curved monitors have experienced less eye strain than the people who used flat monitors.

When you look at a flat screen, the distance from your eyes to the screen’s center is not the same as the length of the edges. On the other hand, curved monitors have an equal distance at every side between your eyes and the screen. That helps you to see the screen more comfortably and efficiently.

What to Look in a Curved Monitor:

A curved screen is far better than a flat screen, especially for the eyes. It uses some great technologies to protect your eyes from any damage. Following are some technologies used in a curved monitor

Low Blue Light:
Blue light is a short wavelength that releases through the computer screen. This blue light is very harmful, especially at night, because it directly affects the melatonin hormone responsible for sleep and tiredness. A curved monitor has this technology, and that’s why it is better.

Adjustable Design:
A curved monitor with some adjustable features like swivel, tilt, height is better for the eyes as you can easily adjust the screen according to your comfort. Try to set the screen parallel to your eyes, not too low and not too high.

IPS or MVA Panel:
When going for a curved screen, try looking for an IPS or MVA panel. The IPS panel refers to liquid crystals in the monitor screen that can be shift horizontally. It creates a better viewing angle and impressive image quality. Also, the IPS panel is better due to its precise color accuracy.

Similarly, the MVA panel has liquid crystals with crystal cells arranged between the glass panes in their monitor’s screen to provide a natural screen display. It also creates better viewing angles and has excellent image quality.

Benefits of Curved Monitors:

Curved monitors have many benefits if we compare them to other monitors. Few benefits of curved monitors are discussed below

  • Curved screens have large curvature than flat screens. It reduces eye strain and other eye problems. You don’t need to pressurize your eyes while looking at the screen.
  • A curved screen directs light from all the angles equally, and your eyes cover a larger field of viewing.
  • Due to the vast and curved screen, it provides a realistic experience to the viewer. Therefore, playing games and watching action movies will be more natural and impressive to the eyes.
  • Due to an equal focal length from the eyes, curved screens are comfortable to view. You don’t need to refocus the content showing. Also, it reduces blurriness.

Drawbacks of Curved Monitors:

There are also some drawbacks of curved monitors and are discussed below

  • Curved monitors are a little expensive than flat monitors.
  • They are not suitable for the workplace as they are big and take more space than flat monitors.
  • Curved monitors look better on a desk or a table. They are not designed to mount on a wall.
  • You can have the best view on a curved screen while sitting in the center of the screen. However, the image will look distorted if you sit at any position off the center.


Curved monitors do have some drawbacks but are still better for the eyes than flat monitors. A curved monitor reduces eye strain and provides excellent comfort to the eyes while looking at the screen. If you are using a flat monitor, it is time to upgrade to a curved monitor.

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