Best Dual Monitor Setup For Macbook Pro

Nowadays, the MacBook pro laptops are very famous and popular among people. The best thing about these laptops is that you can make a monitor setup with them very easily. MacBook Pro laptop can be combined with single or dual monitors to set up your work or any other purpose. 

If you are the one who wants the best dual monitor setup for Macbook pro, then there are some things that you should keep in mind before buying or even choosing a monitor. The main essentials are image quality and high color accuracy, which can easily cope with the MacBook pro’s display.

USB-C connectivity is one of the most fundamental things that one should consider before buying. It is an essential element for making a dual monitor set up with Apple’s MacBook Pro laptop. Other things which you must check include reliability, flexibility, and ease to use. The MacBook Pro laptop is compatible with such qualities monitor.

We know that selecting the best external monitor setup for the MacBook Pro is a difficult task to do. That’s why we are here to help you in this regard. We have come with a list of the best monitors so that you can get through the article for once and then enable yourself to select the best one for your setup.

Our top picks for you:

  • LG 34WN80C-B monitor (top pick)
  • Acer SB220Q bi monitor (affordable price option)
  • LG 27GL83A-B monitor (good performance)

In a hurry? Consider our quick pick:

Among all the options, the best dual monitor setup for the MacBook Pro is the LG 34WN80C-B monitor, which is amazing for your every purpose. This monitor is ultrawide and curves which perform very well and effectively. 

For all other ultrawide options, its price is very affordable. Moreover, you can work very greatly with this monitor. This monitor is the best combo of great performance and high-quality features that you can get at this price.

TOP 5 monitors for MacBook pro’s setup:

1)-Dell Ultra-sharp U2719DX – (Best budget dual monitor setup):

best budget dual monitor setup

This monitor is one of the best monitors for the MacBook Pro, which can help set up a dual monitor system available in the market. This monitor size is great for MacBook pro’s dual monitor setup. In addition, it comes up with excellent performance and comfort features which you are looking for.

The dell U2719DX monitor cop up if you are suffering from a budget problem as this will help you make the best budget dual monitor setup. This monitor has an amazing color average with a high-resolution screen. So if you are a website designer or work with colors, this monitor will serve you effectively.

Quick features:

  • Maximize productivity: This monitor helps you increase your creativity and productivity as it provides you many applications that can be customized easily through which you can work comfortably. 
  • Innovative design: The monitor comes up with a stylish design that helps you make your comfort work zone. You have full freedom to adjust the height of your monitor. Additionally, it is safe for your eyes.
  • Outstanding visuals: The monitor screen has high QHD resolution, which gives you a full HD result. Moreover, vibrant colors come up with wide viewing angles and IPS technology which works out great.


  • High color coverage
  • Dual display connectors
  • High range of features
  • QHD resolution (1440p)
  • Highly durable
  • Great built quality


  • Lack of USB-C type connectivity

2)-LG 27GL83A-B 27 inch monitor – (Best dual monitor setup):

best dual monitor setup

This monitor lies in the category of good monitors for MacBook pro best dual monitor setup. This monitor is best for gamers as it provides great gaming features. It comes up with nice motion handling and amazing low input lag, which is considered good for every use. Moreover, it performs very well in an office environment.

The monitor’s large screen size and high resolution making it a perfect choice for those who want to use it for multimedia purposes. The viewing angles of this monitor are wide, which helps you do your work more efficiently. One major flaw of this monitor is that you can’t adjust its height, or it doesn’t come with swivel options.

Quick features:

  • Smooth performance: The monitor has built-in Freesync technology, which helps a lot in doing the work or gaming quickly and faster than before. It also lessens the problems of screen tearing and stuttering.
  • IPS Display: This monitor has the IPS panel type, which proved to be the best panel type. This panel display provides you high-quality picture and color gamut, which helps you in working greatly.
  • High build quality: The build quality of this monitor is decent. The build-up of the monitor is done with plastic covering without any gaps and loose ends. The design is almost similar to previous LG monitors.


  • High refresh rate
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Quick response time
  • Low input lag
  • Amazing gray uniformity
  • Nice reflection handling


  • Low contrast ratio

3)-HP 24mh FHD Monitor – (Best monitor for dual monitor setup):

best monitor for dual monitor setup

This is the best monitor for dual monitor setup, which proved to be amazing in the context of performance and top-notch features. This is the best option for a fixed budget to make a dual setup with a MacBook pro. Moreover, it comes up with an IPS panel that gives you a high-quality picture and contrast ratio that performs too well.

The best thing about this monitor is its built-in high-quality speakers, which most users like. You can use this monitor for multimedia creation or other office work. The design of the monitor is also very stylish and ergonomic. This monitor is the best-budgeted monitor with an amazing performance at a very low price.

Quick features:

  • Stunning panorama: It’s 178 degrees wide viewing angles provides you consistent color and every inch of vibrant details. Additionally, the image clarity of the monitor is maintained greatly and effectively.
  • Low blue light mode: This feature is specially created for lessening eye strain and fatigue. This monitor maintains the image color and displays bright white, which helps in protecting your eyes.
  • Easy connectivity: The monitor has plenty of connectivity options, which proved amazing for making a dual setup with MacBook pro. It includes VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, and many more with ease.


  • Great color coverage
  • High contrast ratio
  • High connectivity
  • Built-in speakers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable price


  • Limited warranty

4)-LG 34WN80C-B monitor – (Best dual monitor setup for macbook pro):

Best dual monitor setup for macbook pro

This is the best option for making a MacBook pro dual monitor setup as it has a broad range of connectivity options. Moreover, this ultrawide monitor comes up at an affordable price by giving you high-quality performance for your work purposes. In addition, its size is considered an ideal choice for making a monitor setup with a MacBook pro. Moreover, the curved screen performs well.

The best thing is the top-notch USB-C type port, which lets you quickly deliver data, videos, documents, and many more. Having this monitor helps you in different things, such as you can charge a laptop by attaching it with this monitor. The colors of the image stay perfectly on the entire screen, no matter from which angle you see.

Quick features:

  • On-screen setting: This ultrawide monitor provides you many on-screen controls, including screen splitting, monitor setting, game mode settings, and more, which gives you quick access.
  • HDR 10 Compatible: If you want to use your MacBook pro for working or gaming purposes, this feature enables you to do whatever you want. The HDR 10 compatibility provides you comfort and ease.
  • Curved display: Curved screens are preferred for the dual monitor setup as they can provide you more desk space without putting much strain on your eyes. So its curvy design will suit you best.


  • Highly consistent colors
  • Great pixel density
  • Very adjustable stand
  • Plenty of connectivity options
  • Stylish design
  • Eye strain-free display


  • No AMD Freesync

5)-Acer SB220Q bi Monitor – (Best monitor setup for macbook pro):

best monitor setup for MacBook pro

If you want to do the best monitor setup for MacBook pro at an affordable price, this is one of the best options available today. This monitor offers high quality of image display and performance with IPS panel type. Moreover, it provides you all the essential features you want for making a dual monitor setup with a MacBook pro in such a price range.

This monitor has a high-resolution screen with the perfect combination of a high refresh rate and response time. Additionally, this monitor has some great gaming features, which proved to be very good. This monitor design is also very stylish and slim. It comes up with ultra-smart bezels, which give more space for viewing.

Quick features:

  • Zero-frame design: The monitor’s design is regarded as the zero frame design, which enhances the viewing experience of the image on the monitor. Moreover, it gives you improved visibility on the screen.
  • Adjustable stand: The monitor is designed to provide you the real comfort you always needed. You can adjust the height and also tilt the monitor according to your height with ease.
  • Beautiful visual: Its IPS panel provides its users a great contrast ratio and high color coverage. You can enjoy the image quality that appeared on the screen with much ease and does your work peacefully.


  • Value good for the money
  • AMD Freesync technology
  • Great gaming features
  • Crispy image quality
  • Highly vibrant colors


  • No mounting ability

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How to connect two monitors to MacBook pro?

If you have a Macbook pro on your table, you know that you can make a dual monitor setup. So if you want to use a dual monitor set up for office work or high productivity, we are here to help you provide you the simple steps that you can easily follow and make a setup.

For making a dual monitor setup with MacBook pro, you need some things, which include a video cable for each display and an adapter too. After connecting your laptop with dual displays with the help of cables, then it’s up to you whether you want to use the setup as an extended desktop or for video mirroring.

Procedure for connecting displays:

After verifying that your MacBook pro laptop model can handle dual monitor setup, then you should follow the steps I mentioned below:

  • First of all, connect the monitors with your Macbook Pro using the accurate cables, and you can use adapters if it’s important to use.
  • Now set up the monitors connected with Macbook pro in the place where you want to position them.
  • After this, you have to turn on your MacBook Pro laptop. After starting it, you will notice that it will automatically detect and activate the dual monitors connected. Maybe, in that case, the settings are not according to your preference.
  • Remember that if your monitors are not detected automatically, you can turn them on manually.
  • After all this process, then click the apple menu icon.
  • Then click the option of system preferences.
  • Then click the displays.
  • After this, you can see the option of arrangement on the main display. Click it.
  • On the main display, make sure that the mirror displays boxes remain unchecked.
  • Then you will see a diagram that shows the positioning of your dual displays. If it’s not positioned according to your preference, then find the option of a secondary monitor icon.
  • Click the secondary monitor icon and place it in to correct position.
  • After all this, your dual monitor setup is ready to use.
  • Now check the images on the setup that they shouldn’t look discolored or stretched.
  • If it doesn’t look right to you, then click the option of scale.
  • Then click the proper resolution for your display.
  • If both displays now look appropriate, then close the display settings and then start your Macbook pro.


So the time to wrap up the article into final words has come. We have provided you a list of the best products you can use to make a dual monitor setup with your MacBook pro. All the products which are reviewed in this article are done properly and accurately. According to us, you get which one you like and feel like it suits you and your setup.

Among the list we have provided you above, the best monitor for making dual monitor setup for MacBook pro is the LG 34WN80C-B monitor, which gives you all the basic features you want in your monitor set up. 

Moreover, you can get this monitor at an affordable price, although it’s curved and ultrawide screen design. Additionally, it is safe for your eyes because of its eye protection features and qualities. 

No matter which one you choose, we hope that it will not disappoint you in any way. Best of luck!

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