Green Lines On Monitor Issue

A computer is an electronic machine. Sometimes its components do fail to work correctly. Like other components, the monitor also does not work or display correctly. And as a result, you may get some green lines on your screen due to internal or external factors.

These green lines are a prevalent issue in monitors. To find out how to fix green lines on a monitor, we first have to know what is about green lines and the causes of these green lines displayed on the monitor.

What are green lines?

Monitor alternate colors of the thousands of tiny pixels to produce images. Three sub-pixels are red, green, and blue color. The computer display works using these three colors. Due to some technical problems, sometimes pixels are stuck on the screen. These stuck pixels appear as green lines on the monitor. These lines cause green lines on the monitor issue.

Before finding how to fix green lines on the monitor, we should find the source of the problem. The graphic card and cables connected to the monitor play a vital role in displaying correctly. So before fixing, we have to find out which part is not working correctly.

Test your monitor:

 Firstly, check if your monitor is properly working or not. Disconnect all the cables and switch off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection from the control panel. The problem is not displayed if the lines do not appear on the default picture. But if the lines still appear, there is some problem with the monitor.

Examine graphic card:

Use a system scanner to detect an error in the graphic card. The scanner will scan the window and tell if there is any technical problem in the graphic card due to which green lines are appearing on the monitor. If the scanner fined any error, there is a method to fix it, which we will discuss below.  

Check all cables:

Make sure to check all the cables are connected to the monitor correctly. Check if there is any broken pin or cable connected to the monitor. Loose connections of will are also the reason for the display issue so tightly connecting all the cables to the monitor. If there is any broken wire, repair it and check the monitor’s display.

How to fix green lines on monitor?

  • Pixel massage

After checking the components like the graphic card and cables, it is now time to massage your monitor. Sometimes gentle pressure on the backside of the monitor will also help fix the issue of the green line on the monitor. You give this pressure using tape. This massage will fix the stuck pixels.

Once you are done, then check if the monitor lines are fixed. If not, repeat the process until all the lines return to normal. You can apply this method when there is a problem with the monitor while all the other components are working correctly.

  • Update your drive:

Using an old version of the drive also causes display issues on the monitor. Make sure to update your driver frequently. If you find an error in your graphic card, updating your drivers is the best way to fix it. Update the graphic card form drive updating tools.

  • Change the screen resolution:

The incompatibility between the device picture setting and the monitor’s resolution may cause a green line issue on your monitor. You should adjust the screen resolution. Accordingly, this will fix the line issue on your monitor for sure. You must be careful while adjusting the resolution because an unsupported rate can damage your monitor.

  • Online programs:

If you feel lazy to perform all the above methods or find any difficulty performing, you can choose the color cycling process. And this is a straightforward and speedy method to fix your monitor. Different online programs are used to fix these stuck pixels and to perform the color cycling process,

The online program uses colors and cycles them inside the monitor, unsticking the stuck pixels lines. Various programs like J screen fix, undead pixel, and stuck pixel fixer are available online and usually take 20 minutes to fix the lines issue.

  • Seek professional assistance:

If you have attempted all the above methods and are still unsuccessful, you can get professional assistance to fix your issue. The experienced worker will do it more quickly and professionally than a standard computer user.

If you want to fix your monitor without any loss, then you can contact an experienced repair technician for your help. If you have just bought a new monitor, check the date on your warranty card. If the date is not over, then you should contact the respective company and ask them to repair or replace your monitor if you want.


The computer faces many problems. Greenline issue on the monitor is a common problem, and you can resolve it with a fundamental and easy solution. Almost every monitor faces the problem of green lines after some time because of their use regularly. All the possible method of fixing it is mentioned above. You can fix it on yourself as the solution can be efficiently performed at home, and you can also seek professional assistance if you wonder how to fix the green lines monitor.

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