What Size Monitor Does MLG Use

The need for a perfect gaming monitor increases as e-Sports video games are trending among gamers. For this reason, gamers often search for what size monitor does MLG uses.

About MLG

  • MLG is a professional eSports organization.
  • MLG organizes many official video game tournaments in the United States and Canada.
  • DiGiovanni and Sepso built the MLG organization in 2002 in New York City.
  • The organization is getting popular day by day due to its rocking games.

What size monitor does MLG use?

The type of monitors MLG use is a commonly asked question. Gamers are curious about the monitor size and type because of their popularity in professional tournaments.

In professional tournaments, they use 24-inch monitors in video games competitions. They also use 27-inch monitors depending on the genre of games.

Reasons to use the 24-inches monitor

MLG particularly uses 24- inches monitor in video game tournaments. Gamers consider big screens for gaming purposes. So you might be wondering the reasons for using 24-inch monitors by MLG.

Bigger screens are the best option for solo players, but they are not suitable for competitive games. So, 24-inch monitors provide the optimum display for gamers in video tournaments. The other reasons for these solo size monitors are

  • Standard size for all players
  • Comfortable vision
  • Higher refresh rate
  • No head movements

Standard size for all players

The regular followers of professional eSports tournaments know that all monitors are standard size for players. The standard size of a monitor’s display in MLG is 24 -inches. This size is comfortable for everyone because not everyone has the same monitor set-up at home.

 In MLG video game tournaments, there are fixed standards for monitor sizes, resolutions of monitors, and refresh rate. The standard must provide everyone an equal opportunity to give their best while having focus and rigid head position towards the monitor.

Comfortable vision

It is very important to have a comfortable vision while playing a competitive video game. For this, MLG has introduced a standard size of 24 -inch display for players.

It isn’t easy to focus on a larger display while playing games. Observe your vision while looking at the top of your monitor, and then try to focus on the bottom lines. You will notice that it is not comfortable to do so and while doing it takes time of some seconds which is precious while playing games. It is convenient to have a small display monitor to counter the screen, winning time, and focus. Especially in competitive video games, it is necessary to encounter the whole screen simultaneously, which is only possible on small display monitors.

Higher refresh rates

Whether you are playing at home, in a cafe, on a mobile phone, or anywhere, it is important to have an instant refresh on your screen. Therefore, refresh rates have extreme importance for gamers.

Refresh rate is the number of terms in which your monitor displays different images in a single second. The refresh rate is coherent with the frequency of the monitor. If you have a monitor with a high frequency, it will likely show more images in a second. You will get more images that will appeal to your eyes with an instant look. A higher refresh rate plays the videos fast, hence the chances to win also gets higher.

Reduced Head movements

Another apparent reason for Trev FB up all 24 -inch monitors is reduced Head movements. In tournaments and generally, gamers need ultimate focus on their games, which is only possible through small-sized monitors.

On a screen with small dimensions like 24 -inches, we get the ultimate focus all over them with little movement of our eyes. Many pro users prefer small screens and keep them close to their eyes to stay at one spot for the lowest game time. While on bigger screens, we have to move our heads all over from one corner to other. That head movement wastes time, which matters a lot in competitive games.

Monitors used by MLG

As there is a standard size for monitors, the monitors used by MLG are also specific.BenQ is the official sponsor of MLG. Moreover, BenQ series monitors are gaming monitor sponsors for MLG. We see a series of BenQ Zowie is used for MLG game tournaments. Other than that, a series of Asus monitors are used by MLG.

BenQ Zowie Series

BenQ introduced the Zowie series in 2008 with high-end monitors. These monitors are best for competitive gaming. There are three eSports gaming monitors, including XL+K, RL, and XL series. These monitors are specified according to the peculiarities they are occupied with.

Zowie XL-K series

The series has 24-inch monitors with extra fast refresh rates, response time, and optimum resolution.

Monitor nameXL2411K
Refresh rate144Hz
Response time1ms

Zowie XL series

This Zowie XL series has both 24 -inch to 27 -inch monitors. The series is specified for PC eSports.

Monitor nameXL2746S
Refresh rate240Hz
Response time0.5ms

Zowie RL series

The RL series is specified for eSports gaming. Geared with both 24 27 -inches monitors. These lag-free monitors are best for professional console gamers.

Monitor nameRL2755
Refresh rate60Hz
Response time1ms

ASUS monitors

MLG uses some monitors from ASUS as well. From it, the VG series is used. The monitors are used in competitive gaming other than battle royale and racing games. It comes in sizes of 24 -inches to 27 -inches.


This ASUS monitor has peculiarities like 350 nits of brightness, making it best for eSport gaming. But it is more expensive than the monitors mentioned above.

Response time1ms
Refresh rate144Hz

Final Words

This article answered all the information regarding the size of MLG monitors. Mostly used monitors are just 24 -inches big or 27 -inches monitors. In 24 -inch monitors, the refresh rate and response time play a great role in selecting monitors. So for eSports competition, 24 -inch monitors with optimum features are frequently used by MLG for gaming tournaments.

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